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2013 Nov: China: Beijing: In My Eyes

China popular for its high population even there if is one-child policy, it also known to have bigger landmass that other countries (and still wanting more).

Anywhere you go offers long and wide areas for walking.  Yes, parks only offer few seats, or probably most are already occupied.

Since it is higher latitude, compared to Osaka and Seoul, the weather there is much colder.  In preparation for the upcoming snow weather, they are covering their plans to protect. (Snow is present even on month of February – Chico & Gino’s experience)

In news, there were reports of citys problem regarding air pollution, and youll notice it once youre there.  I saw some buses are operated by electricity, which is a good move. 

But after crossing the pedestrian lane on our last day, there is loud bump sound and saw that an electric bus happened to be included in the incident.  I told my sister, to immediately run, because we don’t know if the electric lines will be pulled down on the streets.

Local Transportation
A lot of locals are walking, but can’t beat the different modes of transportation in the streets.

Runaway Trains
Buy Yikatong card to be used in subways and buses in Beijing.  It costs 20cyn (120php) and can reload with a minimum of 10cyn (60php).

For the old lines, you’ll notice that is there is no glass security in between tracks and waiting area.  In newer lines, most of the associated colors are bright ones.  The station indicators are also signal lighted.  All subways have English translated names, so don’t worry to get lost.

In our almost four days stay, we barely made it to sit whenever we are riding a train.  If you are bringing big luggage, take the car nearest to the driver, so he would be aware if you are having difficulty in getting-in and off the train.

Dongsi station Subway Line 6 has its theme, and they have started painting the walls.

Comic Signs

Thanks to my bru for collecting these photos.


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