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Denmark: Copenhagen: Naerum - Living Suites

Living Suites
Address: Rundforbivej 295, 2850 Nærum, Denmark
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Please be advised that this is not located in Copenhagen.  This is an apartment hotel in Naerum which is almost 17 km away from Norreport Station or 18 km from Copenhagen Central Station.

It is accessible from taking Bus 150S (direction: Kokkedal St.) from Nørreport St., which will take around 28 mins.

By train, from Norreport or Kobenhavn H (Central Station), take S-train Lines A or E, drop-by Jaegersborg.  Transfer to local railway going to Naerum station.

The location is of course not famous for short-time travelers, but still a decent option if you staying for longer duration.  Within the vicinity, you can do your grocery shopping in Irma (most expensive), followed by Menu (less expensive).  If you want a bit cheaper choices, spend 1 km walk towards Rema 1000 or Netto. 

For the sporty ones, you can just simply cross the street and enjoy the services in SATS.

They are very accommodating on email.  The reception office is open Monday through Friday from 8am to 7pm and Saturday and Sunday/Holidays from 9am to 3pm.

Ensure to contact them before hand to get the door-code if you are coming in late at night.  They would normally leave the keys in a welcome letter/envelop on the table in the reception area.

Bed Room
I got a studio apartment (loft type), where the base floor has a Murphy bed that you can turn to sofa.

They provide low lights in the room with few bed side lamps.

They have Apple TV so nicer if you have Netflix account. Otherwise, just enjoy the public news sites or Youtube.

Luckily, they have installed now electric fan that can still circulate the air even in the low temperature nights during spring (or autumn and winter).

Linens provided are soft and clean. No experience on bedbugs.

Dual curtain and of course the dark heavy curtain was able to block the sunlight for better sleep quality even if there's day light at 9 pm.

They have fully equipped kitchen in the room.

  • Induction cooker (pans included), water thermos (tap water from faucet are allowed to be drink), microwave (with stand)
  • Microwaveable plates and cups are included for quick-warm food/drinks
  • Spoon, fork, set of cutlery knives are available together with cutting board
  • Salt and pepper are already provided.  What I did is to bring some combined turmeric, herbs, spices, anchovy dasida (Korean powder seasoning to make fish soup stock), dried seaweed perfect for soup - anything that has less smell.  
  • Basic cooking can be done inside the room, but make sure to use the exhaust fan.  Because otherwise, in cooking with strong smell it should be done in the kitchen-basement.
  • I missed to bring cooking oil, and groceries are only offering huge bottles of cooking oil. So I think bring butter is safer for your luggage (if you are concern on your clothes).
  • No need to bring dish washing soap, but ensure to bring sponge.  Ensure that you keep the kitchen sink clean.  Otherwise, if they see it harder to clean during the weekly room service, you will have to pay additional fees. 


  • Toiletries such as shampoo and body soap are already provided.
  • Bring your own preferred conditioner, tooth brush and tooth paste
  • They hang big and small towels and keep 3 big spare towels in the cabinet


  • Don't bring too much clothes if you are planning to wash your own clothes.  The open wash area requires 30 DKK for using the area, but good thing is that I was able to manage to wash my clothes in my own bathroom area.
  • Hacks: It's your choice whether you want to wash in the bathroom sink (no water stopper), in kitchen sink (with water stopper and lower level), or use the laundry bin and wash your clothes on floor.
  • For drying, try to pull the clothes hanger.  If you opted for this, you will no longer able to use the shower curtain.
  • You can also use the metal clothes dryer.  You can control the temperature found near the mirror.
  • They also have enough number of clothespin or clothes peg

Improvements needed

  • Provide more flat iron, because 2 is not enough for the number of rooms per floor.
  • Add service of daily or frequent pick-up of trashes from rooms. Instead of guests putting their trash at the backyard area. 

Overall, it was a great stay I had with Living Suites.

Travel Date: April 22 - May 18, 2019 

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