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2015 Jan: Philippines: Negros Occ: Talisay: The Ruins

The Ruins - Talisay
From Lacson St., take Bata-Libertad or Magdalaga-Libertad jeep. Head to Silay-direction.
Drop-off at a corner, block before Pepsi.
This is the tricycle terminal going to Ruins. (100/way)
Entrance 95/pax

The Owner Owned by Don Mariano Ledesma Lacson, sugar baron. Married to Maria Braga. With 10 children.

She died after an accident with the doctor arriving from Silay after 4 days. (2 days on chariot, "kalesa" from Talisay to Silay, vv).

He then was re-married to Conception Sison Diaz, with 3 children. [Reference]

The Mansion
It has 8 rooms for unmarried children with first floor for the sons and second floor for the daughters.  

The second floor has a viewing deck to see his sugar cane farm and where he watches good view of the sunset.

Why it is known as Taj Mahal of Negros?  The construction of the mansion is to honor the late wife Maria Braga. And to house the unmarried sons and daughter of the couple.  The difference is that the body of the wife is not buried in the mansion.

How did it became the Ruins?  In the old times, Japanese tried to use the house as their garrison. 

But Americans (with the consent of the family) ordered to burn the house to prevent the Japanese from using the mansion.

Why is the place known to Japanese conquerors when the mansion is actually hidden among the sugar cane farm? They did not know that the gardener is a "spy". It can't be considered as "makapili", since the person is not a Filipino but is actually a Japanese.

Why did they get a Japanese instead of Filipino gardener? Because Japanese are known to be best in landscaping.

So, how did it happened to be known by Japanese? Just before the Japanese invasion, they already setup individuals across the country:

1. photographers - to take photos and send it back to Japan
2. biker vendors - to survey the area
3. barbers - where the "kwentong barbero" term originated as they are to chit chat with people to get information
4. gardeners - to deeply study and understand the background of the family

When it was opened?  Before it was opened to the public, it is around 60sh years that it was abandoned and were sometimes used as shelter for illegal settlers or where farmers would left their carabao.

To regain the honor and in respect of their ancestry one of the relatives (Javellana) decided to restore the place and open it the public.

By being open in almost 7 years (now, 2015), it was included in:
12th place on the World's Most Fascinating Ruins based on
However, no particular factor was defined as to how it was included on the list.

Other references:

Also, it was awarded as with Certificate of Excellence by Trip Advisor.

What are local drama that were filmed on this place? 
The Ruins (Ikaw Lamang) -

As a closure thank you to our guide is Rodger.  The happy and funny guide who were interviewed in:
Kapuso Jesica
Gandang Gabi -

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