Monday, August 26, 2013

Japan: Omiyage

Magnets and key chains are the most famous homecoming gifts bought by travelers.

If coming from  Japan, I would advise you get chocolates. Unique flavors of KitKat are popular here, like Ujimatcha Latte, Dark Chocolate, Cinnamon, Green Tea, Hojicha Roasted Tea, etc. 

Visit their page to know more about their available favors.

2013 Aug: Brewing in Manila (Part 2)

Let me continue my piece on Cafes Brewing in Manila

Tous Les Jours

History: In 1958, CJ began the milling business as a leading food and service company in Korea.  Since the, CJ has been developing various kinds of flour in top quality.  Tous Le Jours is the bakery of a whole new level from the beginning.  We use the top quality flour from CJ’s leading technology.  It is known to be a neighborhood artisan bakery.  Enjoy various kinds of bread freshly baked from the oven everyday.

Being a fan of Korea, the feeling inside the bakeshop brings back the days during my visit in Seoul, Busan and Jeju.  Reminds me so much of their rival bakeshop Paris Baguette.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

City Collection: Stamps

In a techie age we experience today in communicating and sharing photos with one another , it’s nice to experience and relive the old way we might had not noticed anymore.  Here is my stamp collection from the postcards sent from cities visited over the years.

You got to see the culture and tradition on those stamps.

You got to remember if there is an event celebrated during your visit.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Tip: Travel in Style: What to wear

Reading Tessa Prieto’s thought online - when even if it is heavy to carry set of scarves or hats, there are cases that you have to bring those for you to look a better when having photographs taken while travelling.  You’ll never know if you will still be able to comeback on that same spot in your lifetime.

Go to the following topics

The key here, accessorize and travel in style!  A word of caution: don't over do it. One or two key pieces is enough to do the trick! ~ urbannomadusa  Accessories can give one piece in your wardrobe multiple looks. ~ bridgetteraes

How to tie and ways to wear a scarf
You can wear scarf in any season.  It can give accent in your very plain tops.  Printed scarves can be mixed and match with different tops to give a different flavor from your previously used tops.

How to wear it?  There are more than 25 ways to wear a scarf, following are my most wanted ways to wear it: