Monday, August 26, 2013

2013 Aug: Brewing in Manila (Part 2)

Let me continue my piece on Cafes Brewing in Manila

Tous Les Jours

History: In 1958, CJ began the milling business as a leading food and service company in Korea.  Since the, CJ has been developing various kinds of flour in top quality.  Tous Le Jours is the bakery of a whole new level from the beginning.  We use the top quality flour from CJ’s leading technology.  It is known to be a neighborhood artisan bakery.  Enjoy various kinds of bread freshly baked from the oven everyday.

Being a fan of Korea, the feeling inside the bakeshop brings back the days during my visit in Seoul, Busan and Jeju.  Reminds me so much of their rival bakeshop Paris Baguette.

Holly’s Coffee

Another trade name from Korea which of course I’m addicted too. 

Paul Bakeshop

First time I saw this is near Zendai Museum of Modern Art, Science Station in Shanghai, China in June 2010.  From online world, I learned that this is a famous bakeshop in Singapore (how come I have not seen it there?!) In June 2013, it opened in Aura and saw it in a tweet from Gretchen.  Few weeks ago, it undergo renovation and will soon open in a bigger space.

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