Thursday, November 23, 2017

2017 Nov: Autumn Itinerary to Seoul, South Korea

Note: If first time traveler to Seoul, please visit the detailed entry and guide on Itinerary for First-time Visitors

2017 November: South Korea: Incheon: Cafe Valor

Cafe Valor by it's name is a coffee shop, but is actually a furniture display shop.  It is located in Incheon and was the one we have seen in The Beauty Inside movie.  

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

2017 Nov: South Korea: Incheon: Inha University

Off track destination since Inha University is about 90 minutes subway train away from central Seoul.  But since I was fascinated initially with the lake as seen in Bok-joo, thus I have decided to visit the place on my way back to the airport.  

2017 November: South Korea: Sungkyunkwan University

Hidden from the main road of the school, there is this perfect spot to catch autumn changing colors in Sungkyunkwan University.

2017 Nov: South Korea: Seoul: Choong Ang High School

Choong Ang High School one of the old filming location sites of previous dramas, but gain again its popularity from Goblin (2016-2017).  Unlike the universities that is open to the public to roam around the campus, be more careful as this is a high school.  I read somewhere that they allow visitors during weekend when there are less or no students on the area.

2017 November: South Korea: Seoul: Sights to See in Konkuk University

University Museum
More than what we see in Goblin, the building behind Kim Shin is Konkuk University Museum.

South Korea: 2017 Seoul Lantern Festival

This is my 3rd visit on Seoul Autumn Lantern Festival since 2011, and this year is not it's best.  It seems like other lanterns were unfinished yet (I have excluded them on this post).  Below are some of the better colored lanterns dedicated to Pyeongchang Olympics.

South Korea: View from Seoul Sky Tower

If you crave for more view of Seoul from the top and you have the money to splurge on, you might want to experience it from Seoul Sky Tower. It's another business venture of Lotte Group.

Going up here is a bit expensive at the price of 27,000 KRW (1080 PHP, 2017), yet with limited attractions they can offer at the top. Since this has just open to the public (2017) expect for long queues before you can reach the observation deck. It is suggested to visit during early morning for shorter queue.  Or you may want to visit by late afternoon to experience both day and night with sunset on the background.

South Korea: Seoullo 7017

Another walking path build by the government for the locals and tourists, opened on May 2017.  A little bit dull during cold nights of autumn.  But maybe more lively when there are street performances.

2017 Nov: South Korea: Things to do in Digital Media City

1. Art Appreciation (Sculpture and Building Architecture)

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

South Korea: Seoul Museum of Art

One of the many free-entrance museums that you can find in Seoul.

South Korea: Seongdong-gu: Things to do in Seoul Forest

Seoul Forest, where most locals go.  Where students not just kids doing their outdoor class, but there are also high school students doing their artwork under the ginkgo trees.

2017 Nov: South Korea: Seoul: Bukhansan

The weekday hike at Bukhansan was serene, quiet and still challenging.

South Korea: Yakhyeon Church

2014 February Visit
Do you still remember Father Adriane from Love Letter (Jo Hyun-jae as Lee Woo Jin) in 2003 MBC series?  He shed a tear during his ordination in Episode 1.

Before leaving for this trip (Feb 2014), I bump into Yoona’s series Prime Minister, it is her wedding scene, and I suddenly remember the church – I said in an instant, I’ll find it and will be there in case it happened to be in Seoul.

Monday, November 20, 2017

South Korea: Seoul: Places to see in World Cup Park

You have probably seen that the World Cup Park has become famous from the posts of the Philippine local celebrities.  And some would say that “they are only grasses”, it just so happen that it was taken in Seoul.  But more that those silver grass known as Eulalia grass, there are about five smaller parks that we can visit on this area - Pyeonghwa (Peace) Park, Haneul (Sky) Park, Noeul (Sunset) Park, Nanjicheon Park, and Nanji Hangang Park.