Sunday, March 22, 2015

2015 Jan: Philippines: Negros Occ: Talisay: The Ruins

The Ruins - Talisay
From Lacson St., take Bata-Libertad or Magdalaga-Libertad jeep. Head to Silay-direction.
Drop-off at a corner, block before Pepsi.
This is the tricycle terminal going to Ruins. (100/way)
Entrance 95/pax

The Owner Owned by Don Mariano Ledesma Lacson, sugar baron. Married to Maria Braga. With 10 children.

She died after an accident with the doctor arriving from Silay after 4 days. (2 days on chariot, "kalesa" from Talisay to Silay, vv).

He then was re-married to Conception Sison Diaz, with 3 children. [Reference]

The Mansion
It has 8 rooms for unmarried children with first floor for the sons and second floor for the daughters.  

The second floor has a viewing deck to see his sugar cane farm and where he watches good view of the sunset.

2015 Jan: Philippines: Negros Occ: Bacolod: Campuestuhan

How to get to Campuestuhan

From Lacson St., take Mandalagan-Libertad (side of Robinsons). 
Drop-off at Alisbo Memorial.
From the corner, take a jeepney with:
1. Homesite-Cent. Market
2. Sta. Fe-Cent. Market
Drop-off at Lopues East centro
Look for Jollibee/Grace Pharmacy (opposite street).
Find G&C shuttle (going to Campuestuhan)

We are in doubt if we should stay for a night (to experience log accomodation, with no other site to visit) there or visit it as day-tour only (to cover other places).

2015 Jan: Philippines: Negros Occ: Exploring the Capitol side of Bacolod

Exploring the Capitol side of Bacolod

From Lacson St., take a jeepney (Sign board: Bata-Libertad, Magdalaga-Libertad), make sure to ask if passing by SM Bacolod.  

Drop-off at Pope Tower.
This is a tower in a reclaimed site, dedicated to Saint John Paul II.
Entrance: 20php/pax (2015)

From the roof top, you can see baywalk, Campuestuhan, Bacolod cityscape.

Take a tricycle (15php, 2015) going to Bacolod Cathedral.

You may opt to check the Museum (but too sad that the Secretariat Office is close and we did not continue to go upstairs for the Museum)

Next, take a jeep (Magdalaga-Libertad) going to Negros Museum.

Open: Monday t0 Saturday 9am - 6pm 

This houses the  JGM Gallery of International Folk Art and Toys. Which includes different toys and dolls from different countries like Malaysia, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Myanmar.  I like the most is the collection for Matryoshka Dolls from Russia.

For me, sharing this personal collection to the public is good for us to gain knowledge on toys other countries have, especially for those who are non financially-able to reach this foreign land. So I suggest that the "no photography" should be replaced by "no flash photography" - with this you'll invite more visitors most of the tourists would share photos on SNS and blog sites. 

The upper floor is the permanent exhibit which shows traditional items from Old  Filipino Days.  *Warning: Be careful in going down the stairs since it is too slippery.

Just outside is the Museum Cafe (looks like owned by an English man). 

Take a walk until the next block to reach Provincial Capitol and Lagoon.  This turns as a practice ground and extended classroom during weekends as students meet to do their dance rehearsals and other activities.

Take jeep  (Magdagala-Libertad) from (St) to go back to Lacson St.

You may opt to drop at Bob Caffee to another set of sweets.  

View this link for the: The Taste of Bacolod.