Sunday, February 12, 2012

Where is the love?

It’s the love month and it’s just timely to have this entry in my blog.  No, this is not about the romantic love that you might be expecting but this is about what I love doing – TRAVELLING! (need I say more?) and my continuous search for LOVE!

I saw it first in one of the photos of a friend when he was in New York.  Before I left for Singapore to meet my sister in year 2006 July, I researched on where can I find it in Singapore.  “Yey!”, my sister confirmed that it is in front of Plaza Singapura – this is my first photo with LOVE.

What is the story behind this LOVE? 
Although the word "love" contained much significance to 1960s culture, Robert Indiana attributes his connection with the word to an earlier, more personal source. Attending Christian Science church services as a child in Indianapolis, he was impressed by a small plaque over the reader's platform bearing the inscription "God Is Love." Indiana is no longer a practicing member of the church, but he insists that the message of LOVE be taken as a spiritual one.