Saturday, July 13, 2013

2013: 2nd Travel Madness Expo

Unlike previous travel expo’s, this one seems to be quiet.  Less exposure in media, social networking sites, not displayed in the event’s list in MOA, and no banners in front of SMX.

It opened yesterday and we’re able to visit it on a rainy Saturday afternoon.  In spite of the weather, there are still lots of guests in the event.

Comparing to other expo’s, participating airlines has boomed in numbers - Air China, AirAsia Inc., Cathay Pacific & Dragon Air, CebuPacific Air, Japan Airlines, Jetstar, Philippine Airlines, Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways, Tigerair Philippines, Zest Airways, Inc.

Some of the participants that I was not able to notice are All Nippon Airways, Eva Air, and Korean Air – but there are a lot of package tours going to South Korea.