Saturday, September 29, 2012

2012 October: Cebu Pacific: Smile Magazine

After being published 4 times (April, May, August & September) for my first entry (Incheon), Smile Magazine published my 2nd entry (Busan) this October!  I was mentioned twice for this issue!  Thank you to the contributing editors, Katrina and Maya.
Page 08

Page 125

Disclaimer: The actual photo at the top of the column for Busan was not the one I submitted. 
I also acknowledge the photographer of the chosen photo used in the column.

These entries did not make it on paper:
Touchdown: Go out of the Gimhae International Airport and cross the street to reach the train station.  You can buy the transportation card known as Bee Cash from the convenient store nearby the train tickets counter.
Must-Try Experience: During Spring time, going to Jinhae, Changwon City is a must. Cherry Blossom Festival is celebrated on April in the area.
Hoping to get my copy this November, see you Kevin a.k.a. "cabin crew".

Updated Nov 1, 2012:

Yes, my entry can still be found on Nov issue, page 157.  Liking the new format of the trip journal.  Thanks again Smile magazine!

If you are interested to read online copies of Smile Magazine, visit this site

Sunday, September 16, 2012

2012 September: Manila, Philippines: 33rd Manila International Book Fair

In 2012 National Book Development Board Readership Survey,
  • 88 percent read; 80 percent of this 88 percent read books
  • four out of five Filipino adults are readers
  • 92 percent (of the 80 percent who read books) are non-school book readers
  • the Bible (58 percent) remains the most popular book read, followed by romance books (25 percent), and cooking books (21 percent). 
  • only seven percent of book readers are ebook readers (and 90 percent of readers still prefer printed books)

"The higher your education, the more likely that you will be reading non-school books. The more single you are, the more likely you are to be reading a non-school book," Linda Luz Guerrero said, vice president and chief operating officer of Social Weather Stations (SWS), 2012.

"We thought Internet seems to have been a distraction. The data shows it is not a distraction. It has no association. In fact, all Internet users are non-school book readers," Guerrero said.

Even if there is a decrease of the Filipino readers (2012: 88%, 2007: 92%, 2003: 94%), glad to see that many of us still visit book fairs.  Drop by the 33rd Manila International Book Fair in SMX Convention Center until today (Sept 12-16, 2012) for the widest collection of reading and learning materials on their discounted prices.

Entrance fee is 20php

ABPA: Asean Book Publishers Association

Sunday, September 2, 2012

2012 September: Manila, Philippines: The Phantom of the Opera

Bought few months ago when it was still on 20% discount as offered, tickets for The Phantom of the Opera is available from 1820Php to 7280Php (  Originated as a novel from a French writer, soon became a musical, then was adapted in film.  Catch the musical show in CCP Main Theater (CCP Tanghalang Nicanor Abelardo) Manila which started last August 25 and is extended until October 14, 2012.

Directed by Harold Prince, the musical is a classic!  The grand orchestra is participated by some Filipino artists.  The stage is amazing as expected, I must commend the scene when Phantom is rowing a boat going to the cellar or his hiding place.  The smoke effect is very good, the candle light-like and the boat moving alone are remarkable.
Chandelier that fell on the Stage
In summary, its about a Phantom, known as a ghost or the Angel of Music, who has fallen in love to a girl named Christine but soon also learned how to let go of that love so she can be with her childhood friend, Raoul.  For full text of the plot, visit:
the performers taking their bows
Outside the theater, there are memorabilia that guests can buy for their souvenir.  Posters and banners were all over the area waiting for photo opportunities.

In Text: “The Phantom wears a traditional evening tail suit and cape… The black silk in his suit comes from the United Kingdom and is used for all Phantom suits worldwide…”

Congratulations to all the men & ladies, the artists, and musicians behind this fantastic musical.