Saturday, September 29, 2012

2012 October: Cebu Pacific: Smile Magazine

After being published 4 times (April, May, August & September) for my first entry (Incheon), Smile Magazine published my 2nd entry (Busan) this October!  I was mentioned twice for this issue!  Thank you to the contributing editors, Katrina and Maya.
Page 08

Page 125

Disclaimer: The actual photo at the top of the column for Busan was not the one I submitted. 
I also acknowledge the photographer of the chosen photo used in the column.

These entries did not make it on paper:
Touchdown: Go out of the Gimhae International Airport and cross the street to reach the train station.  You can buy the transportation card known as Bee Cash from the convenient store nearby the train tickets counter.
Must-Try Experience: During Spring time, going to Jinhae, Changwon City is a must. Cherry Blossom Festival is celebrated on April in the area.
Hoping to get my copy this November, see you Kevin a.k.a. "cabin crew".

Updated Nov 1, 2012:

Yes, my entry can still be found on Nov issue, page 157.  Liking the new format of the trip journal.  Thanks again Smile magazine!

If you are interested to read online copies of Smile Magazine, visit this site