Sunday, September 16, 2012

2012 September: Manila, Philippines: 33rd Manila International Book Fair

In 2012 National Book Development Board Readership Survey,
  • 88 percent read; 80 percent of this 88 percent read books
  • four out of five Filipino adults are readers
  • 92 percent (of the 80 percent who read books) are non-school book readers
  • the Bible (58 percent) remains the most popular book read, followed by romance books (25 percent), and cooking books (21 percent). 
  • only seven percent of book readers are ebook readers (and 90 percent of readers still prefer printed books)

"The higher your education, the more likely that you will be reading non-school books. The more single you are, the more likely you are to be reading a non-school book," Linda Luz Guerrero said, vice president and chief operating officer of Social Weather Stations (SWS), 2012.

"We thought Internet seems to have been a distraction. The data shows it is not a distraction. It has no association. In fact, all Internet users are non-school book readers," Guerrero said.

Even if there is a decrease of the Filipino readers (2012: 88%, 2007: 92%, 2003: 94%), glad to see that many of us still visit book fairs.  Drop by the 33rd Manila International Book Fair in SMX Convention Center until today (Sept 12-16, 2012) for the widest collection of reading and learning materials on their discounted prices.

Entrance fee is 20php

ABPA: Asean Book Publishers Association

National Book Store (NBS) offers less than 100php readings for Anime lovers

NBS: 10% discount on Lonely Planet books

Paulo Coelho's collection

Shakespear Library

Bo Sanchez's inspirational and financial teaching books

The UST Publishing House

Science corner for Telescope and Microscope enthusiast

Children's books

In whatever age bracket we are, kids, teens or adults, remember that "Learning would always be FUN!"