Thursday, April 21, 2011

City Collection: Taipei

Upon my visit to Taipei 101, I was looking forward to send out postcards from the Sky! I saw this first time from the series Wish to See You Again. What’s the difference? They have a special stamp and mailbox if you are sending it for a Friend, Love or Family.

I’d say that Taiwan has a good collection of postcards – some were made of wood, transparent plastic [right] and pop-up designed cards. Hotels also offer mail services.

Be aware that Post Office in the Airport closes on Sundays.

As for the Starbucks mug, I bought it from the café in front of my place, City Inn Hotel.

City Collection: Singapore

I got my first set of Singapore mini mugs from my sister’s friend who visited Singapore for a vacation.

Then, was able to buy the 2nd set last year (August 2010) from Bugis area. I also got cheap postcards from the stalls in Arab Street.

Postcards below were from Marina Bay Sands Sky Park. They were sent from Sing Post, IMM Building, Jurong East to my place in Manila. The stamp was designed for Youth Olympics Celebration that time.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

City Collection: Hong Kong

Been here in July 2007, July 2008 and February 2009 - able to collect 4 Starbucks mug. I got my first mug with old floral version.

In my next trip, I first sent out a city postcard back to Manila. I got this idea from my sister as she is now part of post-crossing activity. I must commend how modern the HK Airport Post Office is. Aside from the normal counter, there is a separate machine that releases stamps just by inserting coins. This is really helpful as you don’t need to fall in line in the counter section. With this postcard collection I was also able to start a stamp collection on the side.

The Peak mug, this is memorable because I got to the place after getting lost for almost 30 minutes when I was looking for my way from the Central Station.

After 2 years, I got this new version of HK City mini mug together with a new postcard.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

City Collection: Kuala Lumpur, MY

Collection: Starbucks Mini Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia Mugs
I must acknowledge that I got this Starbucks Coffee City Mug collection idea from my sister’s friend Alnor when I had a trip with her in Singapore. Although I bought my first official Mug in HK, I’m posting this KL mug first since this is the first city I have visited.
I’m not a total coffee addict but I started to love this collection. The mini mugs costs 350-450php, while the big mug ranges from 450-550php. Aside from the not so cheap price, you also need to be careful in handling this breakable material in your hand-carry luggage, not unless you want to take the risk of placing it in your check-in bag.
I have visited Kuala Lumpur in July 2006 but did not bother to buy a mug. I got this KL and Malaysia mug when I requested my friend Che to buy one pair for me. She used to work in Singapore then, but has a quick trip in Malaysia before visiting Manila. Good thing that I was still able to grab a pair!
Thank you Alnor and Che!