Sunday, April 10, 2011

City Collection: Kuala Lumpur, MY

Collection: Starbucks Mini Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia Mugs
I must acknowledge that I got this Starbucks Coffee City Mug collection idea from my sister’s friend Alnor when I had a trip with her in Singapore. Although I bought my first official Mug in HK, I’m posting this KL mug first since this is the first city I have visited.
I’m not a total coffee addict but I started to love this collection. The mini mugs costs 350-450php, while the big mug ranges from 450-550php. Aside from the not so cheap price, you also need to be careful in handling this breakable material in your hand-carry luggage, not unless you want to take the risk of placing it in your check-in bag.
I have visited Kuala Lumpur in July 2006 but did not bother to buy a mug. I got this KL and Malaysia mug when I requested my friend Che to buy one pair for me. She used to work in Singapore then, but has a quick trip in Malaysia before visiting Manila. Good thing that I was still able to grab a pair!
Thank you Alnor and Che!

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