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Philippines: Palawan: Coron: 6D 5N Itinerary

Sharing our 6D 5N (Feb 23-28, 2016) itinerary for Coron, Philippines.

Accommodation: Where to stay in Coron?
Coron Underwater Garden - They do provide airport shuttle and banca service to their place.  They have limited choice of breakfast (due to remotely located on an island). Although, there is too short shore line, you got to enjoy their manual water activities like canoe, paddle boat and stand-up paddle.  
Tip: For better island stay experience try to contact small huts in Banana Island. 

Seahorse Hotel (Brgy Poblacion 3, Coron Town) - This is a good spot in the city, surrounded by small tour shops, decent shakes or cafes, and there is small bbq stand in front.  There are nearby massage area as well. Close to convenience shops.  They can also prepare airport transfer. 

Highly recommended for group of 4s, the room that we got has stable bed, you will not feel the movement from the person above you (or below).  Inside the room, they have separated the sections from shower room, toilet, and open area wash room (at least 3 persons can already be accommodated in parallel time).

Best Time to Visit
Experience the shining water and sky during the early summer to heat wave summer of the country (February - April).  Refrain from visiting the typhoon season on July - November.


Prepare your airport-to-city transfer with your hotel/accommodation.  While moving around the city, you can take tricycle anywhere.  When it comes to island tours, try to haggle from different guides, better to take the service from same company to have higher chances of getting discounts or bargain the price. (Better to pay as tips to the bangkero directly on what you have taken as a discount from the company.  Specially if you are a group who has been posting demands or requests to the kuyas in pulling you and keeping you safe while on the water - you better pay their effort and don't forget that smile of 'thank you'.

Itinerary: Places to go, Things to see, What to do in Coron?

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Tip: Financial Commandments for Travelers

I just bought a book, No Filter,  last weekend being intrigue why millennials are so fascinated about traveling.  An eye opener, a realization - yes it is a fad, you were influenced by celebrities, friends, relatives and regular nomads to wonder the world, to be one of them, to show off?

But true apart from these negative influences why you keep on soul searching, it made you hunger for more - about the culture, the place, to know more about the people.  To open our mind on how G20 countries keep on progressing and why 3rd world are still struggling.  To learn more about our environment and to be one with nature.

The same week, I bump to an article shared in social media about - the financial commandments for travelers, from Jerome Herrera of All I Can Handle Lifestyle Blog.

Here's a snippet of the list of what will make you wonder to follow before planning for your next wandering adventure:

1. Thou shall not travel if you are in debt

2. Thou shall not travel if you don’t have an emergency fund
3. Thou shall not travel if you’re not contributing to your retirement fund
4. Thou shall not travel just to keep up with the Jones's (don't feel envious of our friends)
5. Thou shall not travel just because you feel like you’re going to miss out on life if you don’t
6. Thou shall not travel when you need to borrow money to do so
7. Thou shall not travel just to widen your horizon
8. Thou shall not travel just because the fare is cheap
9. Thou shall not travel without a budget (stay within your planned budget)
10. Thou shall not travel without proper planning

For full context, please drop by his blog entry.

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South Korea: 2 weeks Itinerary for Southern Provinces

MANILA – BUSAN (and southern provinces) – MANILA
MNL to BUSAN: 5J 184 04:00pm-08:50pm 
BUSAN to MNL: 5J 185 09:40pm-12:25am
Travel Date: July 01-16, 2016

I'm sharing with you my two weeks travel in southern provinces of South Korea.  Seoul and Jeju were excluded from this plan.  But if you are looking for these 2 cities, you can go to:

Hope these can help you plan your next trip.
Nights of Stay

Accommodation: Where to stay in southern provinces of South Korea?

2,3F, 408-3 Chorang-dong, Jung-gu, Busan


119-4 Noseo-dong, Gyeongju City Center, Gyeongju-si;


86 Myeongnyun-ro, Daegu Central Area, Daegu


14-13 Gyeryong-ro 636beon-gil, Seo-gu, Daejeon


15, Yeokjeongwang-jang-2-gil, Yeonhyang dong, Suncheon-si

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2016 Sept: 27th Philippine Travel Mart

The fun continues at the Philippine Travel Mart in SMX Convention Center.  Visit the place until September 4 8pm to get the best deals from major airlines, travel tours and hotels.