Saturday, May 28, 2011

City Collection: Shanghai, China

It is like around 4.5yuan (25php) to send post card from Shanghai to Manila. Postcards below are scenes in The Bund, Shanghai – different building architecture that goes more artistic when lighted at night.

City Collection: Sabah, Malaysia

During primary school days, I used to see Sabah as part of printed Philippine maps, it is in southern part of Tawi-tawi. Who knows I’ll be able to step on that part of the land.
I got this mug from Kota Kinabalu last April 2010. Too bad, there is no Starbucks in Brunei, so I had only 1 pair for that trip.

I must commend the post office of Brunei as they have Stamp Museum in it. While the door signs for KK’s post office are so familiar with “tolak” (which is “tulak” or “push”) and “buka” (which is “bukas” or “open”).