Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Dec: Itinerary: Osaka+Kyoto, Japan

Itinerary: Places to go, Things to see, What to do in Osaka and Kyoto?

Day 0:
Arrive in Kansai International Airport, Osaka
Accommodation: Where to stay in Osaka?
Hearton Hotel Shinsaibashi

Day 01: Kyoto
Kyoto 1-Day Tour (, visited the following places
Return to Osaka from Kyoto by train

Day 02: Osaka
Day 03: Kyoto
Day 04: Osaka
Try to squeeze in:
  • Sakuya Konohana Kan (Expo ’90 Pavilion)
  • Namba Parks
Day 05: Osaka

Expense Report: The Budget Travel Guide in Osaka and Kyoto for 6 days

Manila - Osaka + Kyoto - Manila Expenses
Rate Conversion Used: 1yen = 0.50 php, 2012PHP - 2paxPHP - 1pax
Total Expenses83546.541773.25
TUESDAYTaxi fare going to the airport NAIA T3300150
19349.5Travel Tax32401620
PHP/eachTerminal Fee1100550
Snacks (Kenny)409204.5
Air Fare: Cebu Pacific RT114905745
ICOCA Card: Transportation20001000
Hotel: Hearton Hotel in Shinsaibashi199509975
Dinner (McDonaldo)210105
7017.5Kyoto 1 Day Tour English Guided + Lunch124006200
PHP/eachDinner (Il Bar, Kyoto Station)550275
Train: Kyoto to Shinsaibashi (Osaka) via Rapid630315
Late Snack (Family Mart)10050
THURSDAYBreakfast (Bento Box + UCC @ Family Mart)354.5177.25
6250.75Top-up ICOCA Card: Transportation20001000
PHP/eachEntrance: Universal Studios Japan64003200
Lunch (Pasta Frolla, City Walk)585292.5
Photo Op: Hello Kitty900450
Omiyage (Stuff + Postcard)1257628.5
Dinner (@3rd Planet)900450
Personal Omiyage (@ Daiso)10552.5
FRIDAYBreakfast (Bento Box + UCC @ Family Mart)357178.5
2703.5Top-up ICOCA Card: Transportation20001000
PHP/eachSnack (sushi + drinks @ Sagano Station)210105
Omiyage: KitKat + Postcard940470
Lunch (full+tempura, authentic restaurant @ Gion)1000500
Dinner (@3rd Planet)900450
5202Top-up ICOCA Card: Transportation20001000
PHP/eachShopping (Uniqlo, Umeda); Stays @ Umeda due to rainy weather33601680
Omiyage (Sending mails @ Central Post Office)600300
Lunch (takoyaki+pancit @ Daimaru)449224.5
Bought omiyage @ Supermarket (Entrée Marche)27301365
Dinner (Pasta+Sandwich @ 3rd Planet)905452.5
1250Morning Snack (European Market @ Umeda Sky Building)500250
PHP/eachOmiyage (Sending mails from the Sky)600300
Afternoon Snack (Street Food @ Osaka Castle)400200
Dinner at Kansai Airport600300

Happy New Year everyone!  And, more safe travels to all of us!

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