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How to apply for Japanese Tourist Visa

Applied: 2012 November
Tourist Visa Application for an Employee
Unlike other embassy (Asian countries) here in the Philippines, tourist applicants in Manila are not allowed to personally get into the consul office.  The Japanese Embassy has accredited agencies on where you can apply to, visit this link for the list:

Service Fee (Php)
Raja Travel Corporation
Reli Tours
Attic Tours
1,500+ 12%
Friendship Tours

The one I chose to apply to is Reli Tours due to its price and location.  I submitted the requirements on a Saturday (one month before my flight) and I got SMS confirmation that I can get back the passport with its approved VISA stamped by Monday afternoon. Cool, I can’t believe it’s done after one working day only. 

Who said it is hard to apply for a Japan VISA?  If you’re main purpose is just for tourist, then you should be able to prove that you can fund your stay there and you know where you are going.
The website of the Embassy of Japan has its complete requirements and procedure here:

I have submitted the following:
  • Passport – valid for more than 6 months
  • Visa Application – photo is pasted, indicate “N/A” for all those “not applicable”
  • Birth Certificate – the release date should be the same year of your application.  If you are too busy to visit the closest NSO Office in your area, you can request it online with higher fee at
  • Employment Certificate - includes the start date, position and annual income
  • DailySchedule in Japan – this is a detailed documentation on how are you transferring from the Airport to your accommodation.  If you have indicated there the Hotel Name, better if you can also provide the Hotel Booking Form.  If you have indicated there a relative/friend’s place, then make sure that you are able to provide the resident’s certificate of that person.  If there is a day that you will be joining a guided tour, make sure that you also provide the reservation form. Sample:
  • Bank Certificate – submit the amount that is feasible and can fund the type of accommodation or destinations you have provided in your Daily Schedule.  Most banks would also ask the reason and whom to address the letter: Embassy of Japan in the Philippines, 2627, Roxas Blvd, Pasay, Metro Manila, Philippines 1300 
  • Income Tax Return (ITR) – this is also certifies your financial status, that you can fund your travel and that you are going back to the Philippines
  • Airline Round-trip Tickets
  • Hotel Reservation
  • Guided Tour Booking (

If you are submitting a passport without any previous travel stamps, just make sure that your bank statement and ITR values certify that you can finance for your own travel and you are definitely going back in the Philippines.  Photocopy of old passports with old visas on other countries are not required.

If you follow the requirements the embassy needs and you have submitted it with whole honesty, then you should not worry.  They just wanted to check that you have enough money, you are not staying there for work, and that you are definitely going back in your home country.

I don’t see the point on asking forum members if the consul will approve your visa or not, but just in case you are interested to read other stories of Japan visa application, you can go to Japan Visa Help:

Applied: 2014 April

Applied: 2017 April
Tourist Visa Application for Unemployed Adult

I've been on IT for a decade and currently had an expired visa for my both used 3-year multiple entry for Korea and Japan.

Here are the items I have submitted:
  • Philippine Passport (decent photo part and with blank pages and signature; I have submitted the old passport with single entry Japan visa and current passport with about to expire 3-year multiple entry visa.)
  • Visa Application form (Download the PDF which is an editable copy.  For a decent submission, fill-up the PDF and print as PDF to have a better version.  Make sure to state "N/A" or "None" for those that are not applicable to you. How to fill-up the form - Guide from Reli Tours)
  • 2x2 photo, with white back ground (To be more presentable, if you can use a top with collar.  Write in your name and birthday before pasting it to the form.  Paste only the side part, do not place paste/glue in the middle of the photo.)
  • Birth Certificate (Released by NSO within the year;  If you have previous Japan Visa, birth certificate is no longer needed).
  • Daily Schedule in Japan (The sample template would only define which prefecture you are heading.  However, I remember that I used to have detailed itinerary for this, including: specific places to go.) 
  • Bank Certificate (Make sure you can pay your expenses for yourself.  Save-up as you have to maintain decent bank account status when applying for visa not just for Japan.  Refrain for making an account with quick money, with like an instant huge amount of deposit on the day you have requested the certificate.  I now include to mention the Average Daily Balance/Yr, for the embassy to know that it is not an instant savings account.)
  • Income Tax Return (I'm still able to use 2016 copy, applied April 8.)
  • For those who are equity traders, you can check this entry on how to request certificate from COLfinancial.

If you are not financially ready:
  • refrain from travelling countries with visa
  • save-up first to an account which you will not touch to be your default “bank certificate” account when applying visas
  • have a guarantor (which could be your parent, sibling or an adult child) who can submit his bank statement and ITR, on your behalf; a guarantee letter, relationship proof (birth certificate, marriage contract).

I did not bother to submit for multiple entry request form, since I have to renew my passport by end of the year as well. Submitted mine on Reli Tours and Travel Agency SM Southmall (556-1447), for 950 php service fee, last Saturday April 08.  I called them Holy Wednesday (April 12), and it’s ready for pick-up.  I got it today (Saturday, April 15) with 5 year multiple visit and 30 days duration.

I asked the officer in Reli Tours, that in case I renew my passport, do I have to apply again a visa? They told me to just bring the old passport with valid visa, together with new passport to the immigration officer.

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