Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Nov: Kyoto: Kennin-ji Temple Grounds

Destination: Kennin-ji Temple Grounds
Travel Date: November 30, 2012
Location: Komatsu town down through Article 45, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto Yamatooji
Admission Fee: 500 yen

Kenninji is a temple of the Zen sect, one of the main branches of Japanese Buddhism. Buddhism, founded approximately 2,500 years ago in India by Shakyamuni Buddha, teaches that the inherent suffering of life can be transcended through equanimity, wisdom, and compassion. The Zen sect, dating back to sixth-century China, seeks the realization of this ideal through a strict training system stressing work and meditation. At present, there are three branches of Zen in Japan - the Rinzai Soutou and Oubaku schools. Kenninji belongs to the Rinzai tradition. The temple was founded in 1202 by the priest Yousai (1141-1215). [Read more]

I’d consider our visit to this temple as hole in the wall because it was not included in my places to visit.  Another experience I had is that while walking on the dried leaves on the ground, the wind blew very hard and as if it was raining of koyo leaves.  That was an unforgettable moment for me.

the child in me!  When we were kids, my mom would cut-out scenery from the magazines.  Would paste our photo in there and have it laminated on a wooded frame.  I was asking then, why are those leaves not in green?  Have they manually painted them with other colors?  Getting older and having a chance to see those leaves turn into different shades of red and yellow is an awesome experience on my end. Now I can frame my own photos having my self on that scene and not just being pasted on a magazine.  It is not just a dream then, it is now a reality.  Thank you mom!

How to go to Kenninji Temple