Sunday, June 22, 2014

Itinerary: Osaka, Okayama, Kobe, Kyoto, Japan

Destinations: Osaka, Okayama, Kobe, Kyoto, Japan
Travel Date: May 16-19 2014 (3d3n)

May 17 (Kobe): 19.3 (mean), 22.5 (max), 14.8 (min)
May 18 (Kyoto): 21 (mean), 28.2 (max), 13 (min)
May 19 (Osaka): 21.6 (mean), 26.7 (max), 16.6 (min)

Osaka Weather History (2013-2015)

If its nearly 2 weeks upon your visit, check the weather forecast or sunrise/sunrise timings: 
Kyoto -
Kobe -

Accommodation: Where to stay in Osaka?
Hotel IL Cuore Namba
Address: 556-0011, Osaka Naniwa-ku Nambanaka 1-15-15
ホテルイルクオーレなんば   556-0011, 大阪市 浪速区難波中1-15-15
Hotel Review

Food and Restaurant Tip - Kampai!

Itinerary: Places to go, Things to see, What to do in Osaka?
-From Osaka, go to Okayama by train
-Visit Wake Wisteria Park, Wake Folk Museum
-Go to Kobe by train
-Visit old Western-style buildings in Kitano area
-Walk along Flower Road
-Return to Osaka by train

-From Osaka, go to Kyoto by train
-Visit Mimuroto-ji Temple (Azalea)
-Kawaramachi Catholic Church
-TOEI Kyoto Studio Park
-Return to Osaka by train
-Namba Parks

-In Osaka, visit Nakanoshima Park (Roses)
-Tsurumi Ryokuchi Park
-Departure in Kansai International Airport (KIX)

Expense Report: The Budget Travel Guide in Osaka for 3 days
Foreign Exchange (500USD * 95) = 47860jpy

-Load Icoca 10000jpy
-Cab going to Wake Wisteria Park -1190jpy
-Cab going to Wake station -1670

Food Expense: 6009 jpy

Omiyage (Total: 3780 jpy)
-KitKat 129jpy, Quattro Green tea 129jpy at Marche Umeda
-Post card 2pcs - 216jpy
-Kitakat 12pcs - 380jpy
-Twinnings Chai Milk - 250jpy
-Shopping at The Pantry, Namba - 808jpy
-KitKat - 237jpy
-Teas - 475jpy
-Kitkat - 198jpy
-Uniqlo Shirt 850
-Omiyage Ear muffler at Daiso 108