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Tip: Travel in Style: What to wear

Reading Tessa Prieto’s thought online - when even if it is heavy to carry set of scarves or hats, there are cases that you have to bring those for you to look a better when having photographs taken while travelling.  You’ll never know if you will still be able to comeback on that same spot in your lifetime.

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The key here, accessorize and travel in style!  A word of caution: don't over do it. One or two key pieces is enough to do the trick! ~ urbannomadusa  Accessories can give one piece in your wardrobe multiple looks. ~ bridgetteraes

How to tie and ways to wear a scarf
You can wear scarf in any season.  It can give accent in your very plain tops.  Printed scarves can be mixed and match with different tops to give a different flavor from your previously used tops.

How to wear it?  There are more than 25 ways to wear a scarf, following are my most wanted ways to wear it:

Visit this video of Wendy to give you the rest of the ways in wearing a scarf in your next trip.

How to store them?  Saw this functional hanger from a Japanese store which is very helpful in properly dangling and making the designs visible in one look.

Types – There are triangle, square cut that can be transformed to triangular shape, long rectangular shape and continuous.

Why use multi-functional headware
It will keep your head happy, it is a brand of a continuous, stretchable, breathable and seamless textile which can be used in multiple ways.

I got my first Headware from Boracay, not of the same brand I got the other in Jeju market, Jinhae and Surplus shop.

Watch this video of Rovilson Fernandez to know more.

Over and done with the baseball caps
Before, I used to buy one (either Giordano or Esprit) in every trip.  Until I get tired seeing those photos with same type of caps.

Inspired by those unusual hats worn in Korean drama, I bought one from Boracay which I called Nami hat since I tend to use it in Nami Island, Chuncheon.  After that, I bought another hat which will protect my head from cold wind.  Next I used Fedora Hat (which I called as Bruno Mars) in Bali last May 2013.

How to choose a comfortable walking shoes
Nothing can beat your rubber shoes, flats and slippers when it comes to walking.

To a sporty gal, wearing rubber shoes is her most comfortable choice, it fits the most when running on a park or going to theme parks and trying those adventurous rides.

Flats are good choice on your shopping day, when it comes to Mongkok or Stanley Markey in Hong Kong or  Dongdaemun in Seoul.  May also be best in your mall hopping in Bintang Walk or Berjaya Square in Kuala Lumpur or Siam Malls in Bangkok.

Slippers are best on sunny day, in visiting provinces in summer or roaming in white sand of Langkawi, Bali or Boracay.

As a kid, I only owned rain boats.  I never thought of having fashionable boots, especially that we are in a tropical country.  I normally laugh at who’s wearing them when I saw it malls and saying out loud “why would I have one when it is so hot here!”  The next thing I know I already have five pairs and still wanting more.

It is not always about fashion, but it is more of protection especially when you visit places with less than 15 degrees Celsius in temperature.

Boots from local brands which are just made of thin leather will not give you warm.  You must still wear thicker socks and leg warmer to give you additional protection.

Gamusa type of boots (from Rusty Lopez) can be worn on a dry cold season, but never on rainy days.

Neatly sewn thick material and bulky inside layers is more appropriate on visiting spring or autumn season in Seoul or Osaka. You can try boots from charleskeith and s&h.

If you study more, there are different types of boots based on its function: in hiking or walking on dry flat land, wet courtyard or on slippery snow.

Do not be contented in your simple shirt and jeans when you can look more than that when you accessorize.  You’ll never know if you can still enjoy or be proud of watching your photos today in the far future.  You would not want to regret why you stay simple if you can be fashionable in an inexpensive way.

In your next trip, you may want to equate that stunning scenery with a good-looking version 2.0 of yourself.

Updated 9.21.2016
Where to buy warm clothing in Manila for cold city visits?

Greenhills - The place for the cheapest finds of body warmers.  Just roam around the tiange area for the undergarments, you'll find most of black and skin tone full suit body warmer, leg warmer, ear and hand muffler, scarves (some of which are from Baguio, which are trully effective).

On my first trips for autumn, I'm fond of these items but have them also disposed later on due to bulky size on my packing.

Market Market (2nd Floor) - You can find Mango and Cotton On overruns for cheaper price.  There is also a store for scarves, bonnet and hand mufflers.

Daiso, Japan Store, 88 store - Where you can find ear muffs, hand muffler, scarf, fleece poncho, cozy winter socks.

Terranova - When Uniqlo is still not in Manila, I would jump in to sales of Terranova. Their leather jackets drops from 4k to 1.2-2.5k Php, they also have knitted tops from 1k and on sale for 400 Php.

Uniqlo - Currently (2016), my recommendation would be Uniqlo.  Watch out for the entry and sale items of heat techs, ranging from long sleeves undershirts (turtle neck and crew neck), scoop t-shirts, leggings (open feet), tights (feet is covered), shorts with waist warmer, socks.  To date over the years of collecting the new colors, I had almost 9 fleece turtle neck long sleeves (I'm still thinking of buying 1 if there is a new lively color for this year).

For other accessories, I bought a cheap knit gloves in Beijing (but I found out that there is a hole, I'm still using it after being stitched).  I have lining fleece gloves before I went for an early December trip in Japan and mid-February trip in Seoul.  []

Tip: In spring, you normally wear lively colors.  But in autumn, it is mostly black, dull, earth tones.

Just in late 2015, where I first saw Heat tech Extra Warm which is same thin clothing but with warmer effect.  It's more expensive than the regular heattech, so I have not bought one yet.

What to wear during spring, autumn, or winter? 
Are you fond to experience cold weather in Asia?  Are you wondering what to wear in Korea in November, Japan in October, Osaka in November or even Baguio in December?

On autumn, winter or early spring, it's better to over dress than under dress. Remember to do layering from undershirt heattech (Uniqlo), shirts, fleece (Uniqlo), jacket, leather or wool, ear mufflers, hand muffler, leg warmer, thin socks, thick socks and face masks.  It is normally cold at night and at least  you can lessen the clothing as it gets warmer by mid-day.  Or when going to indoor from outdoor activity, you can remove the clothes by layers (not all at once), so you can gauge the temperature.  This is also to refrain from getting colds or getting sick.

For late spring to early summer, or (possible range from ~17 to 23 Celsius), have undershirt, long sleeves that can turn to 3/4 sleeves when it gets a little warm, and a light jacket than can protect you if it gets too cold.

Better be prepared on sudden change of weather within the day, like sunny to windy to rainy, than be sick and ruin the rest of your vacation.

If you are heading there for snow, make sure that your footwear are not slippery.  Or go for winter ready boots.  Prepare wool socks or thick soles so you would not get cold easily.

Look for disposable heating pads, you can wear them inside your shoes, gloves or pockets.

Be careful on thermal wears

We normally use them on visiting places during late autumn, winter or early spring.  But when you'll be taking buses in Seoul city, you might choose to have them in layers.  Something that can be easily taken off whenever you are in public places, like inside the bus, or can be wear again when you step outside.

The reason is because some of the buses, even the public transportation has heaters on their seats.  You might felt hot inside even if it is too cold outside. So make sure to always balance the body temperature.

How to start minimalist travel and pack less
With the trend of living the minimalist way, trying to be a minimalist traveler is a bit hard especially if you are fond of being a suitcase traveler.  I just started to be backpacker when going out, still practicing and learning.  Sharing below for a 4 day journey on autumn.

  • Prepare something on close to or the same shade
  • Less print, but keep the solid and stripes.  Limit the prints on accessories that can be shared on more than 1 top.
  • If you are petite, you can buy on the kid's section of Uniqlo.
  • Monitor the autumn and spring sale from Terranova, H&M, Forever 21, and Uniqlo, for cheaper deals. 

If Money is not an Issue
  • You can buy undershift body warmers from Mark & Spencer from 1k PhP.  
  • Fashion autumn/spring boots from Forever21
  • Leather jacket and tops from H&M, Bershka, SpringField, Promod, Topshop, Cotton On, etc.
  • More than the regular heattech (regular winter wear), there are other 2 technologies offere by Uniqlo, Extra Warm (very cold days) and Ultra Warm (for intense cold)
  • For hard core winter adventure, check The North Face for winter boots and thicker layered jackets

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