Sunday, August 25, 2013

City Collection: Stamps

In a techie age we experience today in communicating and sharing photos with one another , it’s nice to experience and relive the old way we might had not noticed anymore.  Here is my stamp collection from the postcards sent from cities visited over the years.

You got to see the culture and tradition on those stamps.

You got to remember if there is an event celebrated during your visit.

You got to learn flora and fauna of the cities.  In a deeper and real thought - Stamp is a reminder media for everyone to take good care of them in their habitat. To keep the nature well, to achieved the equilibrium of environment where we can improve the human life. ~ florafaunaonstamp

It’s amazing that the top 3 countries having fastest internet in the world: Hong Kong, Japan and South Korea, also have a very efficient postal system.  You’ll notice that there are still a number of locals visiting postal offices there.

In the continuously changing postal system, metered stamps were used after the approval of Universal Postal Union in 1920.

Are you wondering how the meter stamps evolved for Philippines, visit this link.

Sending from remote areas of Sagada, Philippines, you got to appreciate the hard work of the mail man how is it being sent to the city.

How about you, what are you collecting from your next destination?

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