Sunday, February 20, 2011

Vietnam: Dai Nam Park

Travel Date: February 16, 2011 
Destination: Dai Nam Park 
This is my journey to Dai Nam Park. I started to wait at Ben Than Bus Terminal at 8am. Bus 616 arrived at 8.40am (be ready with other people bumping you, old beggars, lottery ticket sellers, motorcycle drivers looking for passengers, the noisy horns from all types of vehicles, and the loud voice from the terminal guide). The fare is 20000vnd (80php) for 1.5 hour bus ride.

It was already middle of the day and the sun is so high, but I tried to manage to roam around the temple. There was a Buddha lying in the middle of the area. The actual temple contains more than 20 statues of different Buddha and Vietnam Leaders.
Cameras are not allowed inside the temple.
Behind the Temple is a Pagoda in the middle of man-made limestone pillars. The eight level of the Pagoda is actually open to the public, I was able to climb on that floor – and it was so tiring to do that.
Taken from 8th floor of the Pagoda.

The lunch at Dai Nam is so expensive for an average type of service. 

It took me 30 minutes waiting before the bus actually left the area (2pm). It took again 1.5 hours to reach Ben Than area. 

At Ben Than Market, stores are selling cheaper local products. Be careful at some stores (especially stalls with teen girls in the middle area) as they tend to harass foreigners and force them to buy items on their stores. They will not allow you to leave the area and they will extend their arms at the exit and will not let go of your arms until you buy from them.