Friday, April 6, 2012

2012 April: Cebu Pacific: Smile Magazine

I feel like flying everyday for the month of April.  I got my initial copy of Cebu Pacific's in-flight magazine Smile in my trip from Busan to Manila last Saturday, March 31, 2012.

After being an avid reader of Smile for almost 5 years, not just in flights. I prefer reading it whenever available in cafes and in restaurants, and I also have some soft copies downloaded from ink-site.  It was last year 2011 when I submitted an entry and was informed by Maya, contributing editor, that it will be published for April and May release.  Good thing I have scheduled flights for late March and mid-April.  For May release, I hope to find a friend who can give me a copy as his free pasalubong.

Disclaimer: The actual photo at the top of the column for Seoul was not the one I submitted. 
I also acknowledge the photographer of the chosen photo used in the article.

The following suggestions did not make it on paper: 
Touchdown: Trains are cheaper and faster, but would prefer taking the bus to the city so one will refrain from taking the stairs while dragging one’s suitcase.

Insider Trip: Seoul is better seen on foot. It is more beautiful to walk on the streets and experience the culture than taking the trains.

Best Festival: Seoul Lantern Festival happens on November, with remarkable displays of lanterns on the famous Cheonggyecheon Stream.
The big reveal, ruffeecola's identity has been revealed; yes Roocie is the person behind ruffeecola's adventure. Thank you Smile for the free promotion of my blog site.  As a blogger, it is a fulfillment to be written in other publications whether online or in paper. Another thank you, for making one of my dreams came true!

Aside from spending my special day with my sister, getting this magazine on day 1 of its release and 3 days after my birthday made my spring season awesome!  Thank you Smile staff and editor, see you again in 2 weeks time for my solo adventure 2012 edition.

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