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How to Apply for Visa: Guide and Tips for South Korea Trip

Visa Requirements
We submitted the requirements on applying a tourist visa for South Korea. The office is located in:
South Korea Embassy , Philippines122 Upper McKinley Road, McKinley Town Center
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City, Philippines 1634
Phone: +63-2-856-9210

  • We have printed the form found on their site. 
  • We pasted/glued (do not staple) a passport sized photo on it.
  • Included papers are: original Bank Certificate (6-digits), Employment Certificate and photocopy of the front page of my valid passport.
  • If you have OECD (i.e. Japan, Australia) stamps, make sure to have a photocopy as well (actual visa and arrival stamps).  
I did submit a copy of my returned ticket but it was not accepted. Based on their updated version of the requirements, instead of Bank Certificate you can submit land title or car registration – but this is not true! The consul officer still asks for an original bank certificate.

We were able to get our queue number by 8am, and the office started at 8:30am. We finished in less than an hour. I suggest to be there early so that you can still submit documents to patient Unnie.  Take note that visa processing is for free and lasts for 5 days for first time applicant on Window 1 or 2.  If with OECD stamps, it will only take 3 days on Window 3.

Korean Visa application form be downloaded from: 

Tips and Guide

In case you have concerns, may the following how-to guide, tips or experience help you while filling up the form for Korean Visa:
  • If you are still students applying for visa, make sure to include your sponsor details (bank certificate, COE of your dad or mom, original and photocopy of copy birth certificate to prove your relationship)
  • For unemployed parents that you will be applying for visa, make sure to include sponsor details as well  (bank certificate, COE of your sister or brother, original and photocopy of copy of your parent and your birth certificate to prove your relationship)
  • Place N/A for any other blanks on the form
  • On page 1, 1.7 National Identity No. - place N/A
  • On page 2, Passport Type = Regular
  • Korean Visa requirement for Unemployed:  If you declare that you are unemployed, please have a decent bank certificate, bank statement.  On Page 10, 10.1 Funding Details, the estimated cost define should be within your financial statements.  10.2.a I have defined "myself and my <relative>", 10.2.c I have defined "shared expense on accommodation and food only".
  • On page 3, if Unemployed, make sure to include details of your sponsor (bank certificate, COE of your sponsor, original and photocopy of copy birth certificate to prove your relationship). 
  • Details of Visit = Tourism,
  • Page 4, 9.4 Hotel address in Korea should meet the budget that you will declare in 10.1, and should also co-inside with your financial statements (ITR, bank statement, bank certificate).  If you only have less than 25K php in bank, please do not use 4-5 star hotels address.  No need for actual booking in or other reservation websites. 
  • On page 4, Funding Details, we defined 600 USD for 6 days (to be safe not use less than 300 USD, as they maybe too low)
  • Part of my personal rule, for bank certificates use more than 100k just to be safe.
  • Original Bank Certificate (must include account type, current balance, account opening date, 6 months average balance)
  • Bank Statement (original or certified true copy of bank statements/pass book for the last 3 months)
  • Copy of Income Tax Return (ITR)
  • Notice: Those who applied on agency, the name of the agency should be stamped in front of the form.
  • Visa Denied stories, you can read further on  

Issue DateTypePeriod of Sojourn

For more detailed inquiry, don't hesitate to call the Embassy.

How to search the results on your visa application.

  • Click on Check Application Status link.
  • Even if you have regular passport, which searching keep the default selection of type: Diplomatic Office
  • Select: Passport No. from the dropdown field
  • Fill-up the passport no.
  • Name in English should be LAST NAME FIRST NAME
  • Date of Birth should be YYYY-MM_DD
  • Click on Search.

The result will be showing only if Received|Approved. It will not display if single or multiple.


The releasing time is in the afternoon 1:30pm-4:00pm. Make sure to write down the name of the applicants (Last Name, First Name), passport number and 1 contact number (representative) on the receipt paper upon claiming.

Sample Itinerary

For sample itinerary, you may visit:

South Korea: Itinerary for Jeju & Seoul v 2011

Text Updated: 2017 July