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2006 July: Kuala Lumpur: Day 1: KL Invasion

Travel Date: July 20-21, 2006
Destination: Kuala Lumpur

My 2 day invasion in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

We reached Kuala Lumpur by roughly 6 hours travel via Transnational Coach Service from Lavender Street, Singapore. It was my first time to travel during night to reach a destination before sunrise. What is the hassle thing about it? It is to wake-up in the middle of your deep sleep to register on the immigration of Singapore and Malaysia on it’s borders.

We reached the Puduraya Bus Terminal by around 4 in the morning, its not like the busy terminal because we arrived there too early. It is scary at first, so I do not recommend night travel for a solo traveler. First thing we did is to exchange our money to Malaysian Ringgit. In 2006, PHP14.35 is equal MYR1. From the terminal we took a cab to send us to Florida Hotel (71-73 Jalan Thambypillai off Jalan Brickfields KL). Personally, I do not like our hotel, it is a three star hotel and the service is not that good. We were not allowed to check-in when we arrived there at 4:30am. So what we did is to stay in the nearby 7-11 store, their’s is not like having a table and chair. It is just really a store, so what we had to do is to seat on the actual side walk area and eat our early breakfast and wait until 6 in the morning.

Once we reached the hotel elevator it becomes too smelly, up to the hotel walk way until you close your hotel door, the smell still stinks. Room and bathroom are not so clean and are also very old. Plus, I do remember that there are some creepy crawlers in the bed.
View from Florida Hotel:

Officially the first morning of our KL adventure, we woke up at 9 and get ready to check the available trips going to Genting Highlands. Good thing about the hotel is the location, it is just a walk away from KL Central Station. It is a terminal for buses and trains. We had our brunch at McDonalds, they do not have rice and the taste of their burger is a little spicy.

Genting Highlands Ticket Booth in KL Central Station:

We took the Genting Highlands bus service, and travel around an hour to reach the Theme Park. See the below photos on our way to the top of the mountain. Too bad the cable car is not available, thus, we were not able to experience the thrill.

Genting Highlands is a very huge place with indoor and outdoor theme park facilities.

It is also very near to the largest hotel in the world, First World Hotel (The World's Largest Hotel, Guinness World Records 2006/2007/2008/2009).

Best experience here is the Snow World.

We missed our 4pm return shuttle to Central Station, thus we waited for the 5pm service. They are very accurate when it comes to schedule, thus you need to be more punctual.
From Central Station, we took a train going to Putra Station, our next destination is Menara Tower ( (Trivia: It is included in the stops for the Amazing Race Asia Season 1). Can’t remember how much is the entrance, but it already includes the use of a recorded sound presentation that serves as a guide as you walk around the top of the tower. You will also see the Petronas Twin Tower from afar.
After this, the night is not yet done. We took a cab to send us to Petaling Street (China Town), shopping time. We bought a mini Petronas Tower as our souvenir.

For our dinner, once again we bought McDonalds goodies and eat in our hotel.

Then, it is time to sleep.

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