Saturday, September 25, 2010


Hello! Welcome to my travel tales! 

I'm ruffeecola, a backpacker in Philippines and suitcase traveler in Asia. Love checking low fares and hotel hunting and mostly stay in the middle of the road. Addicted in planning and sorting itineraries, for my solo travel and trips with my family and friends. Collection includes: paper bills, maps, photos, postcards, stamps and Starbucks mug. Travelling with Nikon D40 and Nikon J1 and Pinky St dolls. 

As a kid, I’m not into summer breaks. I did not know the difference of school season and April-May vacation in Manila. I only see mountains and white beach sand in books, magazines and television.

Year 2007, it was my first time to travel by plane. We’re going to Bohol, province where my parents grew up. Same year, I was able to leave the country and see what’s outside the Philippines.

Now that I’m able to send myself to somewhere I wanted, I’d like to share with you, reading this page, my tales as I walk the roads most and less traveled, as I hike the mountains, as I watch the waves, as I learn the culture and as I see the people.

Hoping to inspire you to grab your opportunity to see the world and for the world to see you. Happy reading!

You can send in your questions about the places I've been to on my Facebook or Instagram account.


Some of the succeeding posts might be familiar to you because I’m making this web as a collection of my previous blogs since 2008.

The Header

Sharing to you previous headers or cover photos of the blog

2013 March 24 - 2016 December 01
Background image was inspired by our trip in Misibis Bay, Albay.  While tri-text inspired by Elizabeth Albert as we have visited Bali, Indonesia; as I watch Anthony Bourdain on his travel shows; as I look upon other tri-text quote about travel and exploring.

2016 December 01 - current
Background image was taken from our family trip in The Garden of Morning Calm, Nov 2016.  The text was inspired from the closing credits of Sung Si Kyung and Lee Hwi Jae's show in KBS, Battle Trip.

The Contributor

Meet my sister cheznuts29 who is willing to share her stories and photos taken from her trip in Seoul, South Korea last October 2017.