Saturday, August 13, 2011

2011 June: South Korea: Goodbye Seoul, Hello Incheon

Travel Date: June 26, 2011
Destination: Incheon
This is free day in Seoul, I have not set anything on this day except that we need to hear a mass in Myeongdong Cathedral.

It is a rainy and windy day as tropical storm Meari is heading a land fall in South Korea from Philippines. We can’t use umbrellas as it is flipping over due to strong winds.

We had a quick breakfast in Paris Baguette. We ordered for sausage (1700won) and ham (1400won) sandwiches with steamed milk (3000won) and café latte (3500won) for a total of 9600won (400php).

We continued our walk by taking exit #8 and turning right in ABC Shopping Store. We had to take the stairs going to the church. The Sunday English mass is at 9am. You can get the mass book from the right-hand side entrance of the church.

How is it different from the masses I have attended in the Philippines?
  • There is no kneeler and bibles are available in each row.
  • During the offering, the basket is only on the aisle and the attendees should be standing and giving the offering to the basket.
  • During the communion rites, each row will be standing and will take the host. The sacristan is not on the left-side but behind the priest/giver of host.
We went back to Zaza Backpackers, prepare our luggage and covered them with plastic so we could freely walk during the storm when going to the Airport bus stop. We took bus 6015 going straight to Incheon Airport for an hour with a fare of 9000won (360php).

We had lunch at the airport, then decided to go to our 4th and last accommodation in South Korea. We took a cab and paid 5000won for less than 5 minutes travel going to Theoville building.
Global Guest House 801 IBC Daewoo Theoville, 2850 Unseo-dong, Jung-gu, Incheon

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Global Guesthouse is like 5-10 minutes away from the airport terminal. We did not bother to take the Airport Free Shuttle, we paid 5000 won going to the building and 10000 won returning to the airport.

You will go to the room in 801, then the owner will give you the keys to your room.

It is good to stay here if you are just waiting for your flight, but if you will be looking for a cab very early in the morning – it will only be a luck by chance.

The room is so big, like condominium unit. Everything is clean,. We stayed on the 11th floor, and we can see planes arriving and leaving. Television has English channels and has several channels with Arrival and Departure Status. Also, has good wifi internet connection. We had 2 cups, spoons, 2 coffee bags and 1 free bottled water; hangers and cabinet. Room has stove and refrigerator. Toilet is with hair dryer, toiletries and towels.

The most stressful trip thinking on how we can get back to Manila in the middle of a typhoon. Even if the building is just close to the airport, we can’t take the option of walking to the airport building as it is dangerous because of the strong winds. While seeing from above, there are no cabs or Airport Shuttle and very rare for private cars to pass by at 4-5am. We decided to stay at the building grounds at 5:30, hoping we could see a cab. Then we were seen by a cab driver who was waiting for his scheduled passenger, after sending off his passengers, he went back and volunteered to help us – i’m so touched and thankful!

We need to keep running until we complete the check-in, breakfast, airport train and finally reach the boarding gates. It is my first time to be on the second row, we were seated at 2D and 2E – I guess we are that late! And still another big appreciation, I was able to get my first win at Cebu Pacific Fun Games on Air. Question: What is the currency of Thailand. As inspired by 2PM’s latest hit song, ‘put your hands up’ – I just did and win a Cebu Pacific box for the answer of ‘Baht’.

Thank God, we landed at NAIA with blue skies! Thanky you to my brother for being with me on this trip. Thanks to all the hosts of the fours accommodations we had (4 in just less than 9-day trip?!). To the cab drivers that were very helpful, to the locals and tourists who helped us take every single step on the confusing streets of the place where Hallyu stars are born.

This is not my last entry for Korea, I’ll be posting more entries on those things I have observed during my visit. And I'll say, see you soon Jeju!