Saturday, August 13, 2011

2011 June: South Korea: Post it!

Travel Date: June 25, 2011
Destination: Post Office, Namdaenum, Kring Museum, Banpo Bridge

We started walking from Myeongdong Station going to Korea Post. Today, we are sending post cards to our friends in Asia.

Since we saw Namdaenum is just across the area, we headed there to check on more pasalubongs. As featured in Rated K by Korina Sanchez, there is this bad smell of famous local street food in Korea – it looks like a member of beetle/insect family.

It is raining hard so went back to Zaza Backpackers. On late afternoon, we headed to Samseong Station Exit 3, after 10 minutes walk we reached Kring Museum (another Perfect Match Location).

Here, instead of appreciating the art work, I loved most is the comfort room – nothing can beat the comfort! My first time to see a tv on every cube, they even have seats and multiple mirrors on different heights.

Then we headed to Jamwon Station, it is a very, very long walk going to Banpo Bridge because we are hoping to watch the Moonlight Rainbow Fountain show, but since it is raining, they have cancelled the show.

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