Saturday, March 10, 2012

2012 March: South Korea: Embassy Rules

In addition to my previous post for Visa Application in South Korea, here are some additional pointers to keep you prepared on your visit to the embassy.

Embassy Rules
  • No food and drinks inside the embassy.
  • No picture taking in the embassy.
  • Please observe proper manner and courtesy while waiting outside/inside the embassy.
  • Do not use your mobile phone (for making calls) inside the embassy.  Please put it on silent mode.
  • Electronic devices like ipod, laptop, psp, etc. are not allowed inside the embassy.
  • Do not chew gum while talking to the officer at the window or during interview.
  • Observe silence.
  • Sit properly, do not slouch or lie down.
  • Wear decent attire.
  • Remove caps, hats, sun glasses or shades.

To All Visa Applicants:
  • Sign your visa application forms and fill out all of the information in the application form (write n/a if not applicable).
  • Remove covers, jacket of your passport.  Remove paper clips, rubber bands, envelop, etc.
  • Arrange your documents accordingly: visa application form at the top, photocopy of the passport and visa issued from other countries, then supporting documents.
This will be my third visit at the embassy, after getting my approved visa last June 2011 and Nov 2011.  So that is the purpose of getting the number for VISA3 window.  Make sure to photocopy your previous approved visa before getting to the embassy.  Although there is a photocopier inside, it run out of ink during that day and I have to request my sister to go to their office just to photocopy my passport and get back to me at the embassy.  Some went to MarketMarket as the next photocopier shop is really far from the place.
Who are allowed to apply in VISA3 window?
  • Applicant with previous travel to any OECD member countries (in the past 5 years except Korea) [Closest to the Philippines apart from South Korea, would be Japan.]
  • Applicant with valid visa to any OECD member countries 
  • Applicant who has been to Korea two times within the past 5 years on tourism or business purpose
Are you getting worried about getting a denied visa application?  Read further on this link.