Monday, June 4, 2012

Philippines: Batangas: Canyon Cove

Valued at 50% discount on Ensogo ( early this year, we bought 2 vouchers of Canyon Cove for our summer getaway.  But since it is peak season, we moved our reservation in time for my mom’s birthday this June.

Known to be the start of the typhoon season, we were never wrong.  We arrived at the area wet and wild after a two-to-three hour drive from Las Pinas City.  The lobby is at its noisiest state from check-out (12nn) to check-in (3pm), especially that they offered it in a cheaper price.  Tip: If you want to sit and all the sofas are not available, go to Level-3, there are other sofas overlooking the lobby, with grand piano that can be used.

We requested for 2 adjacent rooms and glad it was granted, we are at the center building with superior rooms 444 and 445.

The hotel website ( says the truth:

All guestrooms feature a balcony overlooking the pool, garden, or the South China Sea. They are also furnished with a mini-refreshment bar and flat-screen cable TV. Their well-appointed bath has a separate shower and tub.

A coffee/tea maker and electronic safe are also provided.

All is good except for some little things that they could improve on:

First, I suggest that they have a doormat near the bathroom.  Or better have indoor sleepers if there is no doormat.  Since they don’t have bidet, if they cater to Filipino vacationers they could also have shower cups/dipper also known as ‘tabo’.   

Not sure if it is because of the strong wind due to typhoon, we had more than 8 times of electricity fluctuation.  Cable TV was not available for almost 2 hours since there was a blackout in the city.  It is also my first time to be locked in an elevator for less than a minute.  (There was no emergency light inside, all was in total blackout.  We are not carrying mobiles as well since went from the pool area.  I have not noticed if there is an emergency button too.  Good thing, we have not experienced sudden drop.  It slightly went down to the nearest floor and it opened.)

Lastly, they could have extended the restaurant on a wider area.  They can’t accommodate their guests during dinner or breakfast in a proper setting.  They have too many visitors and less tables and chairs.  They are too slow to replace the food at the buffet table (there came a time that there is no rice for dinner, no more bread or eggs for breakfast); they are too slow to give service water to the guests (I saw people shouting and complaining at the waiters – now you should understand how ‘slow’ it was).  And of course if everything is slow, it will also end with a very slow billing service.  To summarize, you need to have PATIENCE at the dining hall.

Let’s move to the promising features of the resort.

Wide swimming pool area, ¼ is for toddlers which is 2 feet deep, ¼ is 4 feet deep and half of it is 6 feet deep for adults.  I must commend that lifeguards are truly doing their job, they are very strict on the clothes, and they want kids to be looked after.  They even had waivers signed by the parents for those who allow their kids to swim at 6 feet deep.

Seawater is not bad, it may not be the clearest I’d ever seen (for 2012, my meter is Kota Kinabalu water on April 2010) but it is better than Langkawi (Cenang Beach on April 2012).  There is breakwater wall which tries to lessen the waves.  We have not tried kayak or jet ski due to the weather condition.

The spot I like the most, the day bed and the window type near the balcony.   On a lazy day, you could watch the pool and sea while eating your snacks.  You could sleep under the moonlight and overlooking the lighted pool.

I would recommend this place as a quick escape from the metro.  But if they make it exclusive to members, this will soon become a haunted place (or just like the not so well maintained area of Tagaytay Highlands).  Thank you to deal sites that can offer splendid places on inexpensive value.

Travel Date: June 2-3, 2012
Destination: Canyon Cove Resort
Location: Far East Road, Piloto Wawa Nasugbu, Batangas

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