Friday, June 22, 2012

2012 April: Malaysia: Overnight at Tune Hotel, KL-LCCT

An unplanned trip (or should I say just keeping the words I said a year ago)!  But since there is a low fare offered by Air Asia last year (May 24, 2011) thus, I'm here again at the airport even if it is just 17 days since my last Asian trip (Busan on March 28 – April 1, 2012).

I wanted to travel and I love doing it, so even if I have a busy work life I will always find a way to make them go together.  Right after work in Ortigas, I picked up my luggage at McKinley (had a quick afternoon snack with my sister) then head to NAIA Terminal 3. And YES, thank you to my April co-passengers who were able to read the in-flight magazine (catch my blog, mentioned on page 144 on Smile April and May edition).

Play Time at the Airport - Arriving 3 hours before my flight is really a carefree feeling.  Enough time to do my running while playing on those push carts.  Contrary on how I describe myself as a “suite case traveler in Asia”, this would be my first international flight where I only have a hand carry.  (The last time I tried it was on flight to Kota Kinabalu, April 2010 and I end up paying for my excess baggage).  Prior to actual check-in my bag is 7.5kgs, upon check-in it became 6.4kg!  How did I do it?  It’s a nice move to carry separately your DSLR while checking-in with light fares.  

Immigration - I don’t like being asked by the officer whose as if interrogating me – You are going to KL, yet your return flight is from SG, can’t you find a flight straight from KL?  Are you working there? No! "Are you working here?". I said "yes", showed my id and viola, she finally marked my passport and let me in. 

X-ray - Congratulations to my monopod, it was able to pass the x-ray as well.

What’s new @ T3?  Okay done with the prequel, now waiting on my boarding here at gate 110.  You'll not miss what's new in this area - there are now installed Samsung LCDs at boarding gates.

Past 12 midnight, we arrived at Kuala Lumpur Low Cost Carrier Terminal or KL-LCCT.  I still have few Ringgit back then, so I did not bother getting their money.  I immediately asked someone on how can I get to Tunes Hotel.  Honestly, I did not understand her answer.  Perhaps, because it was unclear, I'm not paying attention or I'm still sleepy.  I ended up walking for 10-15 minutes, passing 2 car parks, until I reached the hotel.  But you can actually take a service bus from/to Domestic Arrival area for only 1RM.

Tune Hotels - Hotel Review

Tune Hotels is the partner hotel of Air Asia.  Upon booking at their site, I was surprise as this is my first time to see a hotel where the facilities are being paid per service.  You want to have any of the following, you need to pay additional fee for each.

  • Air Conditioning (12 hours) at 14MYR
  • Air Conditioning (24 hours) at 20MYR
  • Towel Rental + Essential Toiletry Kit at 6MYR
  • WIFI Connection per device (24 hours) at 12MYR
  • Breakfast Set at 6MYR
  • Tune Hotels Insurance at 5MYR

Notice the minutes left on every featured you paid for.

This type of hotel is really catered for those who need only a quick short sleep while waiting for their next flight.  

Expect the room to be very small.  As you slide the door it is just less than 5 inches away from the bed.      Room is well lighted and has split-type air conditioner.  Bed covers are not super stinky, with a given note that:  “To conserve earth’s resources, your bed linens will be changed every other day”.  

The bathroom has enough space and is with my preferred shower the rain-type.

Don’t look for anything fancy, in the first place you have to pay for each hotel feature.  There is no television.  Window side is already the wall for the hallway - better keep the curtains closed since it is not tinted. 

I booked for a breakfast set, but the restaurant is under-renovation at that time.  Aside from the 7/11 store at the ground level, you need to go back to the airport to have your full meal.

Taken from the Tune Hotel corridor - the far-away lighted building at the center is the airport

I ended my stay with them by leaving a thank you card, which has been a practice since I traveled outside the country.


  1. Wow that's a good thing to do! Will do it on my next travel. :)

  2. That "Thank you" card thingy is very interesting. It can brighten up someone's day plus the implicit idea of promoting PH archipelago w/c you can factor out from it. You're a genius!