Monday, May 13, 2013

2013 May: Indonesia: Bali: Ngurah Rai International Airport

There is only one drop off point for Domestic and International for taxi cab from the city.  Don't take the porter service since you have to pay them. You have to walk a bit longer going to the International Check-in.  For those taking 5J 280 which is as early as 8:05am, you may want to see Rotiboy, Roti'O, Starbucks, Burger King for breakfast which are all on your way to the terminal-proper. 

Get inside the terminal. After the check-in counter process, proceed to the second floor.  Prepare 150,000Rp (600Php)/pax for the Passenger Service Charge (seems like Terminal Fee and Travel Tax in NAIA). Sticker will be pasted at the back of your boarding pass.

Pass by the validation counter so he can scan your sticker.  Fall in line on the Immigration counter; make sure that you have already filled-up the Departure Card.  After which, make sure that your passport and boarding pass has been stamped with the departure date.

From what I understand, it is hard or local banks in Manila are not accepting Rupiah, so better spend your excess money if you still have any.  Roam around the Duty Free area (check on cheaper watch, bags, clothes, batik).  Check books on sale at Periplus book store, you may want to buy a guide for your next destination.

Buy food that you can eat inside the waiting area or plane, but never buy any bottled water or juice or tetra pack milk or coffee - those will be confiscated on the last x-ray station before the departure gate.  Once inside the waiting area, there is nothing to do, no other shops to visit.

On boarding the plane, prepare your boarding pass and departure card.  Pass by the tubes and finally - welcome aboard!  Have a safe trip!

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