Sunday, September 8, 2013

2013 September: Leonardo Da Vinci: The Genius

Born as illegitimate and bastard in Tuscany, never hindered him from being the famous inventor, scientist, artist, engineer, musician and architect that we know today.

Visit the The Genius, An Inspirational Exhibition running from 1 September until 30 November 2013 in Mind Museum, Bonifacio Global City, Philippines.


Father of Flight – Leonardo was the first to look at the science of flight.

Some of his ideas found in his notebooks were not actually tested by him, but there are followers that preferred to test it.  [Watch Da Vinci's Parachute]

Physics & Mechanical Principles

Are you allowed to touch this exhibits?  Look for the green sign and play carefully with these simple machines.  Good for kids to learn from these ideas.

However, it is sad to see that some of them are with dusts even if the area is highly air conditioned.

Hydraulic & Aquatic

Military Engineering

Renaissance Art

One of the weird things I learned about Mona Lisa painting:

1530: Painting placed into the French royal collection.  King Francis I has the Mona Lisa placed upon the wall of his on-suite bathroom where she will stay for a number of years.  The steam from the baths will cause the small cracks present on the painting. The painting was then placed in his bedroom. [Text Source]

The Last Supper

Replica: Codices

His Life and Times

Anatomical Studies

Civil Machines

Vitruvian Man

My favorite among his studies, aside from of course the flight, that afternoon is about the Vitruvian Man.  Perhaps because I never know the story behind that drawing until I watched the clips about it.  Theories and measurements were originally discovered Vitruvius, but was popularized by Leonardo.  [Watch this quick explanation in youtube]

Leonardo Da Vinci
The Genius, An Inspirational Exhibition
Price: 250Php (Adult), 200Php (Children/Students)

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  1. a bastard, a homosexual, and the greatest genius of all time. galing ng pagkablog rufee! favorite ko yung scuba suit. kinilabutan ako. hehe