Friday, September 20, 2013

2013: Philippines: Event: Korean Film Festival

On September 18-22 2013, Korean Film Festival will be held in Megamall Cinemas.  Six movies will be shown for free and glad that I was able to watch some of them (from youtube since I can’t wait for these dates). [Click for movie schedule]


A girl group in their school days, seems to be a smaller sorority team, which deals with friendship, bonding, peer pressure, family issues and being the strength for one another. 

Love waits and stays and does not require anything in return.

Leadership thinks of people first before yourself and knows how to share.

A Werewolf Boy

Not a horror movie, but a fantasy love story just like Twilight but focused more on the shape shifter.  He is really not a werewolf by birth, but there are two doctors who used this boy on their study of creating a soldier, a strong individual, so something was injected to this boy.  He was locked up in the barnyard and he did not know how to speak, read, or eat properly. 

Until this girl showed his patience is studying how to pet a person, taught him to write, to wait and when to eat, more than that to live life, and to be happy.

It was scary at first, then you got to learn to feel sorry to the boy.  Suddenly, the last 10 minutes became breaking.  Words “Don’t go” was uttered by the boy, he was able to understand a written note “Wait, I’ll come back.”  Love was the first language he learned from human!  [Watch the trailer!]

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