Sunday, February 2, 2014

2014 Jan: Philippines: Tuguegarao: Callao Cave, Penablanca

How to get there: Take a tricycle going to Penablanca terminal (as the locals say, "parkingan") going to Iguig.  There are 2 options, take a tricycle going to the port for the boat ride or take a tricycle directly going to the cave.  From our research, it would cost 500php for a special trip, we tried to huddle, but the cheapest we can get is 700php for a direct tricycle ride.  It is almost less than 40 minutes ride going up, until we reach the gates.  It is a safe trip, but the only scary thing I notice is there is landslide on a side of the mountain, where the road was limited to an alternate passage of the vehicles.   

As a new policy of the cave officials, no guide no tour.  It started with 183 steps going up to reach the entrance of the cave. 

1st Chamber known as Aviary because Nido birds are staying there and now getting they are tying to prohibit those getting the bird’s nest.  
Passage going to the small chapel is already easily accessible as it is already flattened and in concrete.

2nd chamber is “Divine”, this is the chapel area. 

3rd chamber is “Dark”.  Simple concrete stairs are built to easily reach Chambers 4 and 5.
4th chamber is Cream, there is rock formation that looks like 3 scoops of ice cream.
rock formation above the chapel
5th chamber is the Jungle, there are rock formation of mushroom, king kong and rice terraces.  You'll also see the forest and greenery area.

Chambers 6 and 7 are slightly difficult to reach at first, but still accessible with a help of a guide.  (difficulty level? Sagada is much challenging, so I say, Callao is much friendly).  You’ll see there rock formation of merlion and motor boat.

Looks like Chamber 7 is the lowest point but also the closest from its opening on the ceiling.

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