Sunday, March 9, 2014

2014 Feb: South Korea: Seoul: K-pop Residence

My fouth time in South Korea, third time in Seoul and third time to have the base camp in Myeongdong.

Taking an AREX for the second time is less expensive than taking a bus, but I personally prefer the bus since I don’t want line transfers and its hard to bring luggage in stairs (2011-2012).  Unexpectedly, the plane is delayed on its arrival fro 2 hours to pick-up passengers in Manila hub.  That makes our arrival in Incheon delayed from 20:05 to past 22:20.  We still need to take the shuttle train going to main terminal, queue at the Immigration, wait for the luggage, and we can no longer take the airport bus 6015 going Myeongdong.

I still wonder for a while if there is a possibility to take a night bus, until with a snap I got to process my thoughts immediately - "I need 10000 each (thanks to the extra won we have from our previous trips), I need our old T-money." Rushed to 7-11 to top-up, get down to lower ground take the connecting walkalator, rushed to the train entrance (not sure if I did take AREX, but looks like not, it is an all-stop train going to Seoul Station.  We were able to find our way out and we were literally running, Im pushing our 2 4-wheel luggage to speed us up.  When we get on the station entrance, there are already guards, I said "to Myeongdong Station", and they let us pass - this is the last trip from Seoul Station for Line 4 going to Myeongdong.

This year (2014) on Exit 8, there is already an escalator, but because it already passed the operating hours it is no longer moving, we still have to take the stairs.  After crossing 3 sub streets, we were able to find our hostel.

K Pop Residence II Myeongdong
4-2, Myeongdong 2(i)-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul

Price: Average for an accommodation in the middle of Myeongdong.  If you prefer cheaper accommodation outside shopping district, there are lot to choose from. 

Location: Good – On the side street of Myeongdong, it is the 4th and 5th level of the building, just above Kang Ho Dong’s Baekjeong BBQ restaurant.  Just outside the main street, you’ll immediately see Etude, Face Shop, farther left, you have Forever 21, and GS25 (25-hour convenient store).

In terms of accessibility to subway, it is 5-8 minutes walking distance from Line 4 Myeong-dong station and Line 2: Euljiro 1-ga station; and 8-12 minutes walk to Line 2 Euljiro 3-ga station.

What might be off to your sight is that every morning, pile of trash is along this street since it is not a main road, or considered back door for restaurants (so this where their stuff are being prepared or delivered).

Check-in Experience: Fast and easy.  I missed to prepare my printed booking so I was supposed to still open my luggage.  When I approached the desk I told them, “I booked from agoda”.  She cut me off “I know know, fill this up, here is the key”.  Arriving passed 1 am, tired and freezing, I appreciate much the process to be easy, quick and very helpful.

Room: Clean and bright.  I booked for a queen bed, but good thing that I checked and we got an extra pull-out bed.  The same as other reviews it is small but breathable.  There is just a small chair, no table.  There is air-conditioner and lcd tv controller.  The bathroom has good hot-water. 

Housekeeping: Available upon request.

Culinary Experience: We have not tried it, but they offer simple breakfast.  I always get hot drinking water from the kitchen which is also available in 5th floor.  Basement and ground floor has restaurants.

Final review:  On my return to Seoul, I can still stay on this place again.  Quick access to church, stores, airport bus, 2 train stations, cafes and restaurants.    

But if given enough time for me study on the possibility of staying near a university (Hongik Station), I’ll also give it a try.