Sunday, February 1, 2015

2015 Jan: Philippines: Negros Occ: The Taste of Bacolod


El Ideal

Food: Pancit Guisado, Double Decker chicken and tuna sandwich with melted cheese
Value: Affordable (230php)
Atmosphere: old restaurant, with wooden chairs and marble-made table.
Location: 118 Rizal St, Silay City Heritage Zone, Negros Occidental (near park and bus stop)
Personal Preference: 8 out 10


31 Korea
Food: tuna mayo kimbap, kokiyo chicken
Value: affordable (249php, 2015)
Atmosphere: Not the galbi-cooking that I'm expecting, but the only one I've seen with the toy I've been looking for.
The video screen is showing tvN channel with the replay of MNET Awards 2014 in Hong Kong.

Location : Citywalk, Robinsons

Caffe Bob

Food: Tuna and Tomato Angel Hair pasta (175), grilled ensaymada and ham (180), coffe and orange spice black falvored tea (65)
Value: Average
Atmosphere: Cozy cafe - where friends, young professional, co-tourists, oldies meet.
Location: 21st Lacson St.
Personal Preference: 9 out 10


Food: blueberry cheesecake, citronella tea, peppermint tea
Value: Affordable (200php, 2015)
Atmosphere: Cozy cafe limited to sweet cakes (no pasta)
Location: front side of Robinsons mall
Personal Preference: 9 out 10

Food: Local Cuisine: Bam-i (combination of pancit and sotanghon guisado), turon with latik
Atmosphere: Filipino/Local feel
Location: Central Citywalk Robinsons


Food: Shrimp arrabiata (195), banofee slice (70)
Value: Average
Atmosphere: Wine dining, were the ellite dine at night
Location: along Lacson
Personal Preference: 9 out 10

Lavazza (L'Fisher), Italy's Favorite Coffee

Food: italian sausage pasta, pizza, salad, pastries, churos, coffee, chocolate, tea
Value: Average
Atmosphere: Clean, white athmosphere. Cozy when away the counter. Too busy near the baking area and counter.
Location: Along Lacson (near L'Fisher)
Personal Preference: 9 out 10

Museum Cafe

Food: Salad Cold Cuts with grey sesame bread (295), Ginger Lime (65)
Value: Average
Atmosphere: Simple and close to nature
Location: near Negros museum


Food: Local Tapa, Napoleones
Value: Average
Atmosphere: Elegant athmosphere with very detailed heavy seats and with complete dining set.  The only downside is that the table cloth is a bit rundown and there are a few black ants on the table.
It is also a good place to buy your pasalubong.
Location: along Lacson St.
Personal Preference: 8 out 10


Food: Pollo alagillo (chicken), Pattas bravas
Value: Average
Atmosphere: A bit low light restaurant in the corner of Art Ditrict.  Specialty is Spanish cuisine.
Location: Art District (Option for desert: Merci)

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