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5 Hotel Room Hacks To Make Your Stay An Awesome One

Whether someone is staying in a hotel for just one night whilst attending a work conference or staying for two weeks on holiday, it is important to make the most of it. There are dozens of ways to make the hotel stay more enjoyable, whilst saving both time and money. Use this helpful guide in order to learn some hotel hacks which people use all the time with lots of success.
Email The General Manager In Order To Leave A Complaint
Most people will email a generic hotel address in order to leave a review of their stay, or they will use a third-party site such as Tripadvisor to tell other web users about their time in their accommodation in Broome. However, it is a good idea to email the general manager of the hotel if the stay was less than satisfactory.
General Managers are eager to avoid bad publicity and they want to please any guests who may have some complaints about the hotel. If they receive a complaint in their inbox, they will be motivated to offer perks in the hope that the disgruntled guests will stay at the hotel again sometime in the future. These perks can include free upgrades to better rooms, complimentary vouchers for spa treatments, as well as discounts on room prices.
Get Last Minute Deals Cheaply With Coupon Websites
Some people might think that booking a room at the last minute will cause the Broome hotel room to be much more expensive than booking well in advance. However, last-minute deals at rock-bottom prices can be found by using specialist coupon websites. This can be a great way to save lots of money which can be spent on other activities during the holiday. Make sure to compare several discount websites before making a final decision on the desired deal.
Negotiate Over Long-Stay Prices
Some people will stay in hotels for a long period of time, whether they are working or on a holiday. Long stays can become expensive, so it is a good idea to negotiate a cheaper rate. Either ring ahead in advance of the stay or talk with the general manager on arrival. The most important thing to remember is that a cheaper price will be easier to negotiate if people tell the hotel manager that they will leave a positive review on sites such as TripAdvisor after the stay is finished.
Use Booking Sites With Loyalty Points
Certain booking sites offer loyalty points to people who place repeat bookings. Make sure to compare several booking sites in order to find one which offers these loyalty points. This will ensure that people save lots of money in the long-run.
Ask To See Different Rooms Before Checking In
The quality of rooms can vary in the same hotel. Some rooms may be dirtier than others or may broken fixtures. If the room is unsatisfactory, ask to be moved into another one.
Use this guide for some helpful hotel hacks.

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