Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Spring Inspiration

Spring equinox on mid March signals the start when spring weather can be enjoyed by most of the East Asian countries.

South Korea
In Seoul, most of the parks will amaze you with the sakura bloom. In the South, Jinhae is one of the popular sites among tourists if coming from Busan.  Suggested to head off to these cities by first week or mid-month of April. In Gyeonggi-do, enjoy tulip festival in Everland. 

Cherry blossom known as sakura as what is famously visited by tourists when coming to the land of rising sun, can be enjoyed for a month long in many cities across the country.
However, have you wondered that there is a bit more gentle that this flower? It is wisteria, which blooms during the golden week for almost 2 weeks only.

Other flowers to enjoy during spring are azaleas in Kyoto and roses festival in Osaka on mid May.

However, for Taiwan, sakura season starts a bit early by mid-February until late March..

On rainy spring days, everyone is celebrating, including iRazoo, their surveys, videos, games and apps that are perfect things to try out when the weather calls for a home stay.

If these countries are off the line when it comes to budget and location, why not spend the season at home and do your spring cleaning for life renewal.  Keep those sweaters and jackets hidden and prepare for the upcoming sunny days.  Start your small flower garden by the window to give you motivation on the busy days and lastly enjoy the season in the metro!

"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." - Theodore Roosevelt

Disclaimer: The article above was requested by Alissa J..

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