Friday, July 28, 2017

Train Travel Tips

Are you a bus rider or car owner in the metro? Are you curious on how to properly behave when taking the subways abroad?

Unlike Manila, neighboring cities like Hong Kong, Singapore, Taipei, Seoul and Tokyo have very convenient subway transportation system. Below are some reminders you may need to consider when taking trains abroad.

Airport Train Fares
There are cities when airport train express card is more expensive than taking buses.  For the case of Hong Kong, it would just cost less than 50HKD (300PHP, 2017)  for a bus ride going to the city.

But for the case of Incheon Aiport to/from Seoul, both non-stop and commuter (Airport Rail Express (AREX) trains are more cheaper than taking Limousine Airport Bus.  If time is not an issue, why not take a commuter train than express train which is a bit cheaper.

Off-Peak Hours
Also, check-out early or late schedules which can be cheaper than travelling during peak hours.

Rush Hours
In Tokyo, there are station employees who will push passengers to go inside the train and for the subway cars to accommodate more passengers.

In China and Hong Kong, people would dash inside the train even if they were still few meters away and just came out from the other subway lane.  [News Alert: Hong Kong woman saved after her hair caught in platform doors]

Transfer Areas
Seoul - There is an application (SMRT CyberStation) where they state which car/door is the quickest exit when transferring to another lane.  Probable that this is known to locals, so in case the door area is loaded, just step back to the next or nearby car/door number.

Sit Properly
When riding with kids, make sure that they sit properly.  To respect other rider's space.

Ladies Area
Just like in Manila,  there are exclusive cars for women in Taipei subway.  Look for signs and this might be safer place for solo female travelers.

Exclusive Areas
In Seoul and Japan, areas for senior citizen, with disability, pregnant or kids, are most respected (unlike in other countries).  If you are an able adult, make sure to stay away or make way for these seats, otherwise you'll be stared by other locals.

Taipei Subway

During the cold weather
Train seats in Seoul are properly heated.  If you are sensitive to cold air especially in the morning rides, take the middle seats.

Focus on where you are going
Major terminals or stations will be busy as what should be expected.  A lot of people moving around, so if you need to focus or still check your mobile or map as to where you should be going, make sure to step aside.  Never stop in the center or middle area or the passage way.

Additional Tip:
If you can't get enough of the Seoulful adventure in subways in Seoul, you can set the train arrival songs as your alarm or ringtone, you can get it here (reference and acknowledgement to other blog ad Seoul Metro song).  For per station announcement, you can visit here.