[FB] What is the best thing you have seen while traveling?
[ruffeecola @ Aug 2012]
-To see how the locals, even kids fight for everyday life on how to earn money while in a cruise in Halong Bay.
-After an hour of caving, and passing chest deep water underground - seeing the limestones inside Sumaging Cave is spectacular.

[TL] Which destination currently tops your travel wish list?
[ruffeecola @ Aug 2012]
-I'd like to see "Christ the Redeemer" in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  
-Next, inspired by Tessa Prieto's comment on Ang Pinaka: Facebook - "the next time you say you have traveled on your status, it should be, 'just came from Machu Picchu!'".
-Lastly, I dream to see aurora borealis (northern) or australis (southern) lights! 

[ruffeecola @ Mar 2013]
-I'd like to see "Fuji Gardens in Kawachi, Japan"
South: City Living - Ushuaia, Argentina
[TL] What is the most exotic destination you’ve been to?
[ruffeecola @ Aug 2012] 
-I’d say Kota Kinabalu (Apr 2010) or Hanoi (Feb 2011)

[CS] What kind of traveler are you?
In Smile June-July 2012 edition, I answered a 17-question survey which resulted to:
You’re a seasoned traveler, and quite the solo flyer at that. If you aren’t jetting off to some high-profile business meeting, you’re likely to take a much-needed quick break from your otherwise hectic lifestyle. You’re also practical, so you’ve pretty much mastered the art of traveling light — and the skill of getting the most comfort out of your travel arrangements. You can pass as a local in many countries, thanks to your talent for blending in and doing as the locals do. Just don’t forget to squeeze in some fun times and mix business with pleasure.

[TA] What are three things you never travel without?
[ruffeecola on June 20, 2016] I do bring my android phone (camera, map, gps, note taking for blogs - in one).  I normally have it fully charged at the start of my day so I don't need to bring along charger or powerbank.  Money for my expenses on tramsportation, activies and food.  Focus heart and mind (to keep away from dangerous roads and not to provoke my bravery over it; to stay patient which is so hard, if there is a long not moving queue on ticket booth, etc. or if it takes too long before the meal can be serve; to enjoy even if I'm on a lost road).

Question Reference:
[CS] Cebu Smile 
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[TA] Travel and Leisure


  1. Hi there :) I saw you went to Jeju last year in November with Yeha tours. I'm going there on my own, and I wanted to know if the 2 day-tour is a good way to know Jeju by yourself? I'm planing to go the first week of december.
    Thank you

    1. Hi patyharuharu,
      In Jeju, I prefer to take tours not unless you study the bus routes and time of arrival. From the Bear Museum going back to Yeha, it took me around 30mins just to wait for the bus.
      Happy trip!

  2. Hi,

    I am planning to go Jesu-do Island for a weekend, whilst travelling South Korea, and was wondering if you knew times and location for English Catholic Mass. I will go to mass in Korean if means not missing English mass. Alternatively, I could leave the island earlier and go to an evening mass in Busan. Do you know any English evening mass there? Thank you so much and God bless.

    1. From the old thread I asked in TripAdvisor, Frank of Jeju advised "There is an English Mass every Sunday at the Catholic Cathedral at 2 pm." Link:

      Regarding Busan Churches, I have only visited one, a bit far:
      Namcheon Cathedral in Pusan/Diocese of Pusan
      Location: 70-1, 70-4 Nam Cheon 1 Dong, Busan, 600-094 South Korea

      Have a safe trip!