Sunday, April 1, 2012

Voyager: Born to Travel

"Born to travel", this is the tag line of Voyager. A local brand of luggage founded in 1983 (as claimed by the SM Department assistant) that I used for the last five years.
I bought my first luggage on 2006 for less than 1500php.  It is a 15 kilo moss green Voyager bag with 2 wheels and belt security. 

I was not able to try other brand of luggage, but I must say that Voyager served me well on what it more than expected for its worth.  For almost 12 out of the country trips in less than 6 years, it was able to run the rocky streets of Causeway Bay, Senado Square and went up and down at the stairs of Namdaenum and Myeongdong.

Last June 2011, I took it from the rotating belt in Incheon with a broken handle.  Good thing, there is lifetime warranty service for any issue you'll have with Voyager luggage.  Right after the trip, I went to SM Department Store to submit my luggage for repair, SM will be sending it to the Voyage service center.  After a month, I was able to get it back.  Just in time for my next travel.

By November 2011, after coming back from Jeju-Seoul trip, part of the body of the luggage is losing up, perhaps I put a lot on what it can accommodate.  Even though it can still be fixed, I decided to but a new one.

The one I used is already an old model and is already faced-out.  This time, I’m looking for a four-wheel luggage for an easier transfer on the road and on the airport.  One that is available has 4-wheel but no extensions at all.  Another plus I learned is to have the inside lining to be in striking color – so you would see things easily. 

Tips on Buying a Luggage or travel bags:

  • Check and monitor luggage from different brands.  Read reviews online on “What’s a good brand of luggage” (  Their top suggestion is Samsonite.
  • Buy on what you need and not what you want.  Be practical.
  • Buy depend on what your body type can carry, you must be able to run and hold a fully loaded luggage.
  • Don’t buy fake or cheap luggage on small shops – believe me, you don’t want to get it broken with all your things scattered on the rotating belt.
  • Look for possible small damages on items that you may need to be careful of when buying from any luggage sale or discounted items on clearance sale.
This is not a promotional entry, but it is good to support Philippine product.  Spend sometime to study on what to buy, because you are ‘born to travel’ on a practical way!