Sunday, June 14, 2015

2015 June: Australia: Visa Application

Most of the advise online is still to get a visa first before buying a ticket.  But what can I do if the fares are on sale?!

I bought my 5J ticket on 28-Oct-2014 during the Peek-a-BOOK Piso Sale for 7,060 php base fare RT. Now, how will I get the visa?

Upon submission and attachment of documents, make sure to have a lot of patience because this will be start of the waiting game.
*Previously visa can be granted 1-2 weeks, but reading the trend in Pinoyexchange it was changed to 32 days/a month of waiting.

  • 11-Apr-2015 - Application has been submitted
  • 11-Apr-2015 - Fee has been paid online
  • 13-Apr-2015 - You can only attach supporting documents after the payment has been acknowledged.
  • 13-May-2015 - Grant Letter has been received 
  • 06-Jun-2015 - Just in time for flight schedule 

Together with the Visa Grant, there is a note:
Important Information for nationals from the Philippines

There are guidelines on departure formalities for all international bound Philippine nationals.

For tourists travelling abroad you will need to provide the following:
- valid passport
- valid visa and
- a return ticket.

I have printed the visa grant and prepare it upon heading to the Immigration Officer, and they did not bother to ask about it. (I'm expecting them to ask, since on my previous flight to China, Korea Japan - I know that they checked it).

Upon my arrival in Sydney, they did not ask on it as well.  So I raise the same concern on Pex, and they say that only foreign country will check it. At this case, since it is electronic visa, they have checked it from their unit/pc and did not asked for the printed one. 


  1. hi lahat po ba ng documents mo ay photo copy lang po ba lahat?
    salamat po

  2. Hi Richard, actually it doesn't matter if its photocopy, because the docs will be softcopy submission, online, as attachment on their site. Thanks

  3. Hi! will you receive the visa grant via email?

    1. Notification will be received on email.. But what I did is to check everyday on 4th week on the actual site.

    2. Happy planning Eve! Safe travel!

  4. ruffee did u submit a bank cert lang ba or bank statements na may historical logs of transactions?

  5. Hi, I'm trying to apply for an Australian visa online and I saw there in the attachments section that the docs have to be "certified". Does it mean notarized lahat?

    1. I did not make any separate notarize process. I used the bank cert, CEO and NSO which are already official certs.