Sunday, June 14, 2015

2015 June: Sydney: Pensione Hotel Haymarket

Affordable accommodation upon my research in Sydney are mostly found in Kings Cross. Good prices from airbnb are in Darlinghurst. But, accessible location would be in main thorough fare of George Street which is near the Light Railways in Haymarket, Townhall station and Wynyard station.

Pensione Hotel Sydney, Haymarket
Location: 631635 George Street, Haymarket, NSW, 2000 Australia

Price: DiscountedUpon comparing the official website, agoda and expedia, the lowest price for 1 shoebox room for 7 nights  (P25,567.53) is in expedia (with 10k php hot deal discount).

Check-in: Quick and easy - Check-in time starts at 3pm.  But if they found the room available they can let you in upon arrival. They would also need 100.00 aud as a deposit, just surrender the receipt upon check-out.

For early travelers, they have guest lounge where you can take a rest and freshen-up before you start the day.

When we get back by 6pm, our luggage were already delivered to the room. 

Room (Shoebox, Double bed, 13sqm) - You get what you pay for. We can barely open our luggage for the small size.  I normally don't unpack at all, but I did this time since they have cabinet and drawers to use.

Bed linings are clean and soft, towels are being changed everyday.

The washroom is so spacious. They provide basic toiletries of shampoo, conditioner and bath soap (no cotton buds, brush, toothpaste), hand towels and bath towels.  Another rain shower service which has good water heating facility.

Service: When we can't turn off our television, they were immediately able change the batteries of the remote.

Location: Accessible - With heavy luggage for a visit during winter season, quickest access will be train from airport to Central. Transfer to Light Railway on the upper ground, drop-off at Capitol Square.  Walk for a short distance along St George St.

The hotel is located just above Charlie Chan bar and Mrs Chan Thai restaurant. The elevator and stairs is just next to the restaurant's door.

-2 minutes away from bus station (where free route of Bus 555 passes)
-2 doors away from St. Peter Julian's Catholic Church
-5 minutes away from Paddy's Market (open on Wed-Sun 9:00am)
-5 minutes away from Light Railway (for Darling Harbour)
-in the middle of Central and Townhall subway stations
-10 minutes away from Coles grocery (World Square) and Woolworths (Woolies) in Townhall

Culinary Experience - In room, they have water thermos heater/coffee maker, free coffee, sugar, tea bags and milk (inside the ref). If you don't want to drink tap water, buy the cheapest from Woolies at .70aud for 1.5L (bottles from 7-11 and nearby convenience stores are in higher prices).

You can use the microwave oven, utensils, coffee and tea bags in the guest lounge. (No free water)

Have your late snack on all day open Dela France Cafe at Goulburn St.  Have cheaper sandwich and coffee in Starbucks at Campbell St. Taste the meat pies from local Harry's Cafe de Wheels which is famous among travelers.

Have a sparkling night in Charlie Chan and other bars along World Square and near Townhall.

Haymarket is an Asian area, where you can visit shops and restaurants with the taste of Malays, India, Taiwan. There is also China Town, Korean Town and Thai Village on the nearby blocks.

-No extra switch for the main lamp, you need to get-up back to the door area, to switch off lights (not a problem)
-No bathroom or room slippers
-Water will cost few bucks (But my friend says that tap water is safe to drink. Read more)

I would recommend this hotel. Had a wonderful experience in a well maintained Guest Lounge. Security is good as we got a notice that they normally change the passcode of the main door in the main street.  Nothing to complain in the elevator and grand staircase emergency exits. Located right in the middle of the main road with good access to buses heading to main sites.  Also, with strong free wifi connection in rooms, just take the passcode from the reception (in phone, dial 9) which would last connection for 2 days or so.

How to get to Pensione Hotel Sydney?