Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 August: Singapore: Universal Studio Singapore

Travel Date: August 14, 2010
Destination: Universal Studios Singapore, Sentosa

From Purple Lane: Harbourfront station, find the Resort World Shuttle Bus (RW8). Not sure if it is 1 or 2sgd, but the return trip to Vivo City is just free. Buy your Universal Studios online tickets earlier because when we check it, most of the days are already sold-out. The place opens at 10am. Don’t forget to take the photo with the Globe and the Hollywood signage at the back of the gates. Exchange your online ticket to get your Retail and Food Voucher (discount of 5sgd). There is no security measure in USS. No checking of bags as we go through the gates. In Hollywood area, we took lunch in Mel’s Drive-In – classic 1950’s American restaurant that serves rocket sauce burgers, fish and chicken sandwiches. Not much fun in the Hollywood Theatre that shows “Monster Rock” concert. They had Dracula and Mummy who dance and sing. In New York area, we watched how Director Spielberg adds special effects in his movies. Nice experience, real fire, water sprinkles, cold temperature, strong winds and the strong floor shake/drop completes the show. Don’t fail to watch the Rockafella Streetboys as they perform outside the World Premier building in NY area. We saw Chris Cruz and Nicko Manalo. Some of my friends were able to catch Meynard Marcellano (based on their FB photos). We passed by the Sci-Fi City as most of the attractions are still closed. Accelerator, Battlestar Galactica Human (Red) and Cylon (Blue) are different roller coasters that will twist, turn and propel you in the air – even if it is open, I’ll never try this! Revenge of the Mummy in Ancient Egypt area – was the highlight of my USS trip. It is a rollercoaster in the dark, with fire, heat and video effects. Don’t worry about your bags, camera or phones, there are locker bins in the area that are free for the first 30mins. Water World is the one I’ve been wanting to see in USS, and it did not disappoint me. Nice stunts and effects. There is a sprinkle and splash area that you could choose from. We also tried Canopy Flyer in The Lost World area. You’ll be seating and your feet are just suspended. Get the back seat – for more excitement, so you’ll never see the direction on which side you will be thrown – there goes the surprise! Far Far Away’s castle is like the Disney castle. The Shrek 4-D Adventure is much better than the Mickey’s Philharmagic Show, it is my first time to experience that even my seat is moving and shaking as the character in the movie is running and falling. Donkey Live show is just so amazing, I mean how can a cartoon video follow the live conversation with the audience in an instant. The voice is obviously easy to create, but not for the video. In Madagascar, we watched the Penguins and other characters singing and dancing on the streets. We also tried the carousel – King Julien’s Beach Party-Go-Round. Got the following collectibles and apparel in the US Store in the Hollywood area. The attractions close at 7pm, but the area is still open until late night. There is also a Hershey’s store where you can find Reese and some other chocolates. You can opt to go straight to the Songs of the Sea, if you have not yet seen it. For us, we choose to go back to Vivo City, we ate at The Asian Kitchen and the crab meat is just so delicious.

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