Wednesday, December 29, 2010

China: Shanghai: Day 3: World Expo 2010 – Asia

Travel Date: June 14, 2010
Destination: Work Expo 2010

From our hostel, we took Line 9 (Blue Lane) and drop off at Madang Rd. Station. After the Exit gates, we had a long walk going to the Expo Ticket counter. They no longer offer the 3-day pass, so we bought the day’s pass for 160yuan.

As we go to the entrance gates, that is where the long queue begins. They open the gates at 9am. Everyone will pass a very comprehensive security check. For the bags, it will pass an x-ray scanner, just like the airport security. This is the most scrupulous body check I ever had: I was holding a handkerchief, Expo map and Expo ticket on my right hand; a watch on my left hand; and was wearing a cap. The personnel said something and I told her to say it in English, “What is this?” Not sure “what” she was referring to until I knew that she was asking about “what is a handkerchief?” Out of my surprise, duh! Officer: “Can I open it (referring to the hanky)?” Next, “Can I see your watch?” (closely look at it for about 5 seconds). “Can you take off your hat?” “Can you please turn around?” (did another security check). Finally, “Okay, no problem”. I told her “So, is it fine now?”

As I was about to grab my bag, the officer grab it back from me and let it pass again (the second time) on the x-ray scanner. I was about to be interrogated by the first officer in charge, but I guess he can’t speak in English, so he pass my bag to the last officer. He said, “Is there anything here like a light?” “Can I see it?” “I need to check it.” I said, yes and okay. Then after turning on and off the small flashlight I carried in the bag, he let me pass the gate.

It almost took me an hour, waiting for the queue, passing the security checks, before I can finally use my Expo ticket to enter the gates. I believe that this is a world event that should really be safe and secure, but they are really messing the enjoyment of the visitors.

We had to walk a little further before we can reach the train station, Line 13 (Pink Lane). From Madang Rd., visitors had the option to drop off at Lupu Bridge station for the Corporate Pavilions. We dropped off at Shibo Rd. station to visit the Asia section (A and B).

During early morning, all pavilions have long queues. It is so hard to take photos with the pavilion alone. The locals or visitors don’t mind passing in front of the camera. Don’t be shy to tell them to stop or pass on the other side when you are taking your photos.

Here are some of the shots from section A and B.

New Zealand Pavilion: Tiki Dance

Cambodia Pavilion

After the Expo Axis, we have reached the China Pavilion.
Taiwan Pavilion

Saudi Pavilion
Nepal Pavilion

Korea Pavilion
We had a simple dinner in Indonesia Pavilion, good thing the entrance to the restaurant is different from the exhibit that is why we don’t need to queue.
While the rain keeps on falling, the Philippine pavilion keeps on having visitors; the queue did not get shorter. By around 6pm, we decided to be in line. With a theme of Performing Cities, the designs used are traditional instruments found in Pinas. There are shops for the local goodies and much on pearls. Almost two-thirds of the place was used for the restaurant. I noticed that they did not promote, Palawan, Cebu, Bohol or other beautiful sceneries here in the country – maybe because of the theme.
The rain did not stop, so we decided to leave the place early.

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