Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 June: Shanghai: Day 7: Departure

My fever is gone, but still not that well. We tried the pasta from Bee Home’s Restaurant. If you have a choice to eat outside do it, the pasta is not that tasty but is given in huge serving.

Going down the DongChang Road train terminal is not that easy. We are carrying 2 luggage bags, 1 backpack and 2 shoulder bags – and this was not easy to carry at all in the stairs! Luckily, there is an old woman who offered her help for us to carry our things.

We took again MagLev going to the airport. At the airport, I had again my rest, sleep and wake-up just in time for the check-in. My sister said that I should not make unnecessary noise at the Immigration – no coughing, no flu, and no sneezing. But how can I pass their temperature scanner.

Happily, I was able to make it to the plane. Upon arrival in Manila, is when it went WORST! I was not able to stabilize the pressure in my right ear. While going to the Philippine Immigration area, there is a loud tick sound, and my right ear was not able to hear anymore. We arrived at 4am, at our home I’m still not able to ear. While lying down and moving left to right, my right ear is aching. Then there are times, that I was shouting due to the hurt that I’m feeling. I was telling my family to take me to the hospital. Then, by the EENT Specialist it was proven that my ear drum is still kept intact. The reason I can’t hear is due to a blood stuck on my right ear that is not able to go down on its veins which is due to my nose irritation – remember that I had runny nose. Perhaps that my nose has allergies to the new environment.

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