Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2011 November: South Korea: Incheon Airport

How to kill time in the Airport?

1. Make sure to get a map of the airport in the Information Center, you can start by food hunting, shopping and looking for available entertainment (I was able to watch a musical show on their center stage).

2. There is a bookstore at the lower ground floor, you can buy a magazine, a book, possibly a map for your next trip.  I chose to buy postcards to send my regards to my friends back in Manila and also in Singapore, Hong Kong and India.

3. Do you still have coins?  Be aware that coins on different currency cannot be exchange for peso in Manila.  So either use your coins in buying coffee or some snacks in the airport, or you can use it to call back your love ones in your hometown.

4. Take photos of which can help other travelers – by inspiring and informing them of what they can expect from the airport services.  If suddenly your phone is not working in Korea, don't worry - there are mobiles for rent and roaming centers in the airport.

5. Not yet tired?  Why not walk from north to south wing, play with the elevators and move from different floors.  Check for yourself those simple services that will give you joy and awe.

See you on aboard, 'til your next flight!

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