Saturday, January 7, 2012

2011: My Travels by the Numbers

Inspired by an article from StarStudio mag,
Travelling isn’t just about seeing the sights; its also about a  whlot lot of numbers, too!

These highlight my travels for the past year.  I truthfully acknowledge everything and everyone who made all these possible – to my team who allowed my leaves, to all my accommodations and airlines, to the drivers (airline, trains, boats, cabs, buses, tricycles), to the tourist guides, to those who accompany me in every step, to my newly found friends and to my family for allowing me on this addiction – thanks!

To all the challenges, for all those times of getting lost, of losing patience – lessons have been learned.  To the awesome scenes, to simply walking in the fields and seashore, to all the memories – all will be kept in my heart.

And praises to Almighty God for the safe travels I had and will have in the future.

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